6 Inspiring Female Business Owners to Follow in 2020

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Looking to pack your social media feeds full of motivational content this year? I’m sharing 6 of the most inspiring female business owners to follow in 2020!

This time of year is not only amazing for decluttering physical spaces but also your online ones. If like me you’ve been on a bit of an unfollowing spree this January then you might be looking for some new accounts to add a dash of positivity to your Instagram feed. I guarantee these inspirational female business owners will have you feel motivated to dream bigger and achieve all of your goals in 2020. I also don’t think it’s any coincidence that over half of my suggestions have appeared as guests on my podcast last year and maybe I’ll be able to tick off the rest during 2020…

Just FYI, my 2019 recommendations still ring just as true today so check out last years post for an extra dash of inspiration to help transform your Instagram feed into a powerful, impactful and positive space!

Sophie Cliff – The Joyful Coach

Sophie Cliff (The Joyful Coach) Instagram account

Sophie Cliff, otherwise know as The Joyful Coach is someone that I’ve followed online for years now (since her travel blogger days) and towards the end of last year I had the absolute pleasure of meeting her in person as she was a guest on The Co-Working Club podcast.

Sophie is an absolute breath of fresh air as her whole business centres around finding joy in the everyday which is something I’m sure you’ll agree everyone could benefit from having more of. You will often find Sophie spreading knowledge through her blog and Instagram account, sharing tips and tricks on her podcast Practical Positivity (which I listen to religiously every Monday) or teaching other people to live their most joyful lives through one to one coaching and online courses.

Sophie really is the master of spinning plates and I’m often left wondering how she manages to fit it all in. After only leaving her full-time job in December to continue building her incredible coaching business Sophie still manages to find the time for the joyful things in her life such as friends and family, getting out in nature as well as making it through a whopping 90 books in one year.

Sophie’s hardworking nature and tenacity is undeniable and it’s sure to see her going places in 2020, I for one can’t wait to follow her journey!

What to look out for: Practical Positivity

Fiona Grayson – She Can She Did

She Can She Did Instagram account

I first learnt about Fiona Grayson, founder of She Can She Did when I saw people talking about The Midweek Mingles online. A series of inspiring events designed specifically for female entrepreneurs which enable attendees to hear stories from leading women in business as well as the opportunity to network with a room of like-minded individuals. A business event which was right up my street, I bagged a ticket as soon as the first Manchester date was announced!

She Can She Did centres around putting the spotlight on women who have dared to go solo and launch their own businesses in the UK and Fiona does an amazing job of sharing their stories through her blog, podcast and midweek mingle events. Fiona is very open about sharing an honest look at her own journey as a business owner which is so inspirational to see as it can be so easy to hide away from the difficult times. I loved getting to meet Fiona in person recently and chat all about building a business from the ground up for The Co-Working Club podcast.

Fiona has hinted many a time on social media that she is working on some big ideas for She Can She Did in 2020 and I’m on the edge of my seat as I wait to learn more!

What to look out for: The Midweek Mingles

Lucy Sheridan – The Comparison Coach

If you spend any time online then I’m sure you will have come across Lucy Sheridan’s content at some point as she’s really blown up over the past couple of years as the world’s first and only comparison coach.

If like me, most Instagram visits leave you with a bad case of comparisonitis then Lucy is here to help with her no holds barred look at how to live a comparison free life that is instead full of joy and fulfilment. Lucy’s Instagram account is like a daily pep talk guaranteed to pick you up during those down times and challenge you to feel comfortable and happy within your own skin.

As I attempt to create a healthier relationship with social media in 2020, Lucy’s content is something that I’m going to be constantly referring to in an attempt to guide me towards a comparison free life. I also can’t wait to pick up her book, The Comparison Cure: How to be less ‘them’ and more you as I just know it’s going to be packed full wisdom and actionable tips!

What to look out for: The Comparison Cure

Ruthie (Cawligraphy)

Ahh Ruthie, the brain power behind the incredible brand Cawligraphy. I’ve known Ruthie for years now and it has been an absolute pleasure to watch her business grow from the beginning. Her positive, pink quotes are unmistakable on Instagram and I’m sure that you will have spotted them floating around on more than one occasion over the past year.

Not only does Ruthie create the most gorgeous range of prints which I now own several of but she also shares a whole host of empowering quotes to Instagram. As well as being incredibly visually appealing, Ruthie’s posts also include open and honest captions based around mental health and running a business that I (and hundreds of others like me) resonate with on a daily basis.

Ruthie is constantly developing and evolving the look and feel for Cawligraphy and I for one can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2020. My only concern is that I’m running out of wall space!

P.S You can hear me chat to Ruthie all about how running a business can have a positive impact on your mental health in this episode of The Co-Working Club podcast!

What to look out for: Daily Motivational IG Posts

Kat Horrocks

Are you ready to put yourself first and achieve your goals for 2020? Then you NEED to be following Kat Horrocks! A life and career coach for women, Kat specialises in helping women who are craving more passion and purpose within their day to day lives.

An absolute goal setting pro, Kat focuses on helping others to live a life beyond their wildest dreams through her inspiring content, goal setting workbooks and group coaching programme which I have the absolute pleasure of being apart of this year.

Alongside coaching, Kat also hosts a weekly podcast called Put Yourself First which is another of my Monday morning favourites. The podcast centres around interviewing inspiring women from a wide range of industries and encourages opening up the conversation around women claiming back time to focus on themselves.

If you fancy hearing even more from Kat, she recently appeared on The Co-Working Club podcast where we spoke all about setting exciting goals for 2020!

What to look out for: Goal Setting Workbook

Em Ricketts

Whether you’re looking for fitness inspo in 2020 or simply looking for someone who shares body positive messages online, Em is your gal! I only recently discovered her Instagram account but I’m so glad that I did. Em shares such a realistic look at fitness, food and mindset throughout all of her content and is such a positive role model for women who want to feel strong.

As a pretty dedicated circuits class attendee, Em even got me inspired to start breaking away from the comfort of gym classes and instead focusing on leading my own sessions through her online guides and easy to follow Instagram workout videos.

Due to her motivational approach and totally honest look at her own fitness journey Em has managed to build an amazing community of like-minded females who are all passionate about cheering each other on and celebrating every little win!

What to Look out For: Short & Snappy IG workout videos

Who are some of your favourite female business owners to follow online?

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