Gift Ideas for Female Business Owners

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Looking for some Christmas gift ideas for the female business owner in your life? Check out my top suggestions that any girl boss would love to find under their tree!

So there’s definitely a key theme that’s emerged here and it generally seems to be pretty, pink and positive. If you know someone who works for themselves and likes to have some special stationery pieces or new bits and bobs for their office, this is the perfect gift guide for you. Let the inspiration commence!

Motivational Mugs

Hi, I’m Jessica and I’m a mug addict…Seriously our kitchen is completely overrun with every sort of mug you could possibly wish for but one type reigns higher than the rest and that’s the motivational mug. It’s almost like a hug and a high 5 all at once!

Personal Development Books

Christmas is a great time to add some new books to your stash as it means that once the chrimbo-limbo period strikes you have something to keep you entertained. I particularly enjoy reading personal development books and find that they can be a great way to ease yourself back into business gently before January rolls around!

Water Bottles & Travel Mugs

When you’re on the go a lot for work it’s great to have handy items such as a travel coffee cup and water bottle that you can pop in your bag. Fairly practical gifts but I’ve tried my best to pick out the prettiest of the bunch!


Everyone loves to receive beautiful stationery for Christmas, don’t they?! As well as helping you to feel super organised it also means you can get one step ahead with next years planning!

A shout out to a few of my indie favourites: Papergang Subscription | Annie Dornan Smith Have a Lovely Day Weekly Planner | Sigh

Laptop/Phone Cases

Since we tend to spend around 80% of our time attached to our phones and laptops these days I think it’s only fair that we make them look as pretty as possible!

A shout out to a few of my indie favourites: Sighh Queen of Hearts MacBook Skin | Cawligraphy Leopard Print Phone Case | Carla Llanos Abstract Shape Phone Case

Inspiring Prints

My office is packed to the brim (seriously) of inspiring prints with motivational quotes which are just perfect for those times when you need a burst of positivity!

A shout out to a few of my indie favourites: Cawligraphy Remember that Once Print | Annie Dornan Smith Succeed Print | Nine by Nine Fearless Print

Which of the gifts in my round-up would you like to see under your Christmas tree?

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Christmas gift ideas for female business owners pin

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