5 Ways Co-Working Can Make You More Productive

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Struggling to stay motivated when you work from home? Find out how co-working can help to make you more productive and avoid the dreaded procrastination!

If you’re a regular around here then you’ll be all too familiar with my struggles with working from home but since setting up The Co-Working Club around six months ago I’ve found that it’s not only had a positive impact on my general wellbeing and happiness but it’s also helped to increase my productivity and motivation levels greatly.

I often hear concerns from fellow freelancers and business owners who are interested in attended my co-working meet-ups but worry that they will be distracted by all of the interesting conversations happening and end up not getting much work done. Although this can be true on occasions I strongly believe that there are so many more benefits to co-working than first meets the eye and that surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals can in turn have a positive impact on your productivity levels.

If you’re yet to give co-working a try and are feeling worried about how it may affect your working routine I’m here to share just 5 of the ways that co-working can make you more productive!

Access to Inspiration and Collaboration

Having a group of like-minded freelancers and business owners to bounce ideas off is absolutely priceless when you work for yourself. Getting together for a co-working session provides you with the opportunity to float all of those ideas that have been swirling around in your head recently and receive valuable feedback that unfortunately your pet cat Snuggles can’t provide…

A lack of collaboration is something that I know a lot of people find difficult once they go it alone so having a go-to group filled with business owners from different specialisms with varying areas of expertise allows you to get a wider sense of input and the result could be ideas that would have never even crossed your mind!

A Sense of Accountability

Being your own boss means managing ALL of the different elements of running a business and often you may find certain tasks slipping to the bottom of the to-do list for months on end.

Co-working can help to add a certain level of accountability to your daily routine, sharing what you’re working on with a fellow co-worker and then checking in to see how things are going can help to ensure that you are staying on track, getting the work done and avoiding any procrastination techniques that often tend to set in at home.

The Co-Working Club at Coco Flow, Nottingham

A Better Work/Life Balance

Hands up if you’ve ever been distracted by the overflowing laundry basket or the pile of washing up in the kitchen sink whilst trying to work from home? I imagine that’s a resounding yes…

It can be difficult to separate your work and home life when you no longer have physical boundaries in place so that’s why getting out of the house and heading to either a designated co-working space or meeting up with a co-working group can be so beneficial for your productivity levels. It provides you with a sense of separation that so many of us crave and signals to your brain that it’s time to switch into work mode and get. stuff. done!

Increased Happiness Levels

A happy worker is a more effective worker, right?

Before setting up The Co-Working Club I felt as though my career was severely lacking. I’d taken the plunge into self-employment but wasn’t finding my work particularly rewarding and I missed the social interaction that came with having colleagues and an office to go to everyday.

I decided to take this problem into my own hands as no one else was going to solve it for me and set up a co-working group for female business owners working within the creative industries. As this community continued to grow, the weekly meet-ups became an integral part of not only my life but of the individuals who attend regularly. I began to see how co-working was having a positive impact on my happiness and wellbeing and how this in turn had a knock on effect with my business. It allowed me to show up as my best self, find joy in my work again and as a result my productivity sky rocketed!

A Sense of Community

One of the biggest struggles I often hear from fellow freelancers and business owners is the sense of loneliness and isolation that comes with working from home. Co-working helps to tackle this issue by creating communities consisting of like-minded individuals for you to connect and engage with.

Often chatting to people in a similar situation to yourself, sharing problems and offering advice can have a huge impact on your general day-to-day satisfaction and happiness. After a co-working session I leave feeling fuelled up and ready to take on the rest of my day/week with an increased level of enthusiasm and productivity.

Plus these connections can always stretch further than just co-working, you might meet someone who you really connect with and start to see outside of work scenarios!

If you’re interested in giving co-working a try you can find out more about The Co-Working Club, our latest meet-ups and how you can get involved in our growing community here!

Have you given co-working a try? Did you find it made you more productive?

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