3 of the Best Spots to Work From in Nottingham This Summer

A round up of the best work spots in Nottingham

Whether you’re a freelancer, remote worker or a student, sometimes a change of scenery is all that’s needed to spark some new ideas and bring a fresh bout of inspiration with it.

As a freelance social media manager I like to get out and about to work as much as possible and that seems to be even more true in summer. There’s nothing better than setting up for the day in a bright coffee shop with an iced coffee and a window view so I thought I’d round up three of the best spots to work from in Nottingham this summer.


One of the newest coffee shops to grace the Nottingham scene, Effy is a real winner for anyone who loves to combine their coffee with dreamy, Instagram-worthy aesthetics. Pink tones, dalmation print, plants and neon signs, it’s a real winning combination.

Effy coffee shop in Nottingham

As well as the gorgeous interior, Effy provide speciality coffee alongside tasty treats from local suppliers which means you’ll be able to stay fuelled for a good couple of hours.

It’s a lovely bright space which makes it the perfect spot for some summer working so nab yourself a window spot, get your laptop set up and prepare for some serious people spotting!

Cafe Coco Tang

When the sun is shining and the blue skies are out you want to try and make the most of it but the struggle is often real when it comes to not being able to see your laptop screen, being out of reach of the WiFi and generally getting too hot and bothered.

Cafe Coco Tang has the perfect solution with it’s stunning rooftop garden, you get to feel like you’re truly outside but with the benefits of shaded areas, comfortable seats and tasty food and drink on tap!

Cafe Coco Tang Nottingham

With a two hour limit for laptop use, this is a stop off for when you want to get a few things ticked off your to-do list as opposed to an all day work spot but it’s a great place for casual meetings or a little solo stop-off. I also can’t recommend the honeycomb iced coffee enough!


Sneinton Market feels like THE place to be in the summer, it’s got a buzzing atmosphere with its eclectic variety of independent busnesses and right in the heart of it sits Blend. My absolute go-to spot when it comes to working in town, with it’s bright interior, laptop-friendly environment and tasty iced coffee, it’s an absolute winner. It’s also the place where I reguarly host The Co-Working Club meet-ups so just another reason to check it out!

Blend coffee shop, Nottingham

To say that I probably spend about 50% of my working life here I definitely don’t have enough photos that do the interior justice!

Do you like a change of scenery when working? Do you have any favourite spots to work from?

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Author: Jessica

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