5 New Chatty Podcasts I’m Loving

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Sure we all love a business podcast where we know we’re going to come away having learnt something and yeah we all get a bit obsessive when it comes to the latest true crime series but what about those times when you just need to pop something on in the background that doesn’t require too many braincells?

If you’re a regular around here then you’ll probably be aware of how much of a podcast addict I am and every now and again I like to round up my favourites so prepare to dive into some of the chatty podcasts I’ve been loving recently.

Asking For a Friend

Ahh LC, I think I might love you more now than I did back in 2006 if that’s even possible…

Asking for a Friend, hosted by Lauren Conrad features conversations with experts based around life, love, and business and focuses on showing the reality behind today’s picture perfect, social media driven world. Each week Lauren welcomes a guest to weigh in on their area of expertise and offer tips for navigating a Pinterest-obsessed world, from prop designers to hair stylists it looks like there is going to be a real mix of topics to get stuck into.

Getting an insight into Lauren’s world as it is now is such a treat and I just love hearing about her relationship with her husband, William and son Liam. I only dream of being as (California) cool as her one day!

Favourite Episode: Decorating: Learning to Love Your Space and Let go of Your Junk

David Tennant Does a Podcast With…

I spotted David Tennant Does a Podcast With… whilst browsing the iTunes top charts and knew straight away that it was going to be right up my street. With a whole host of incredible guests ranging from Whoopi Goldberg to James Corden, you just know you’re in for a treat when it comes to celebrity gossip and interesting stories!

David’s super relaxed interview style makes the podcast a real pleasure to listen to and it definitely helps to bring out the best in his guests who are made to feel completely at ease. Series one wrapped up this week so it’s the perfect time to catch up on all of the episodes in one go!

Favourite Episode: Olivia Coleman

With Whit podcast playing on an iPhone next to Apple earphones

With Whit

Another member of The Hills alumni, With Whit is hosted by Whitney Eve Port who has been a serious girl crush of mine since day one. The podcast focuses on Whitney’s life post reality TV and aims to bring you up to speed on what she’s up to now.

Sharing stories about relationships, parenthood and entrepreneurship, alongside discussing beauty, fashion and wellness, Whitney invites a friend or family member on to each episode to weigh in on the conversation which I think helps to give a real insight into her life which seems to be a pretty down to earth one. Now if she could only invite LC on as a future guest and that would be my perfect pairing!

Favourite Episode: An Emotional Rollercoaster with my Sisters

Honestly with Clemmie Telford

Honestly with Clemmie Telford is a podcast for tackling those issues that society often shys away from, touching on everything from sex lives to salaries there are no topics off limits for Clemmie!

In a world which is often highly filtered on social media it’s refreshing to really dig deep into a topic with total honesty with the help of some interesting guests. I’m looking forward to seeing what’s to come in future episodes tackling some more taboos!

Favourite Episode: An Honest Conversation About Marriage with Clemmie and Simon Hooper

Things You Can't Tell Yer Mum podcast playing on an iPhone next to Apple earphones

Things You Can’t Ask Yer Mum

Hosted by two of my absolute favourites, Lizzy Hadfield and Lindsey Holland, Things You Can’t Ask Yer Mum focuses on discussing some pretty personal topics, ranging from relationships to breakups to grief.

Although pretty serious and meaty subject matters, these two fellow northern gals will have you laughing and crying within the space of half an hour and I guarantee you’ll be nodding along in unison to each and every episode as you discover that pretty much everyone goes through similar struggles at certain points in their lives!

Lizzy and Lindsey bounce off each other so well throughout the episodes and their amazing dynamic has me wondering where to sign up to be part of this girl gang?!

Favourite Episode: Friendship & Loneliness

Do you have any chatty podcasts that you’re loving at the moment?

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5 new chatty podcasts I'm loving

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