A Week in the Life of a Freelance Social Media Manager

Ever wonder what self-employed life consists of? I'm sharing a look at an average week in the life of a freelance Social Media Manager!

Dream of one day being a freelancer? I thought it might be interesting to share a little diary style post showing what I get up to on a day by day basis as a Freelance Social Media Manager. Granted this definitely wasn’t the most exciting of weeks so perhaps I’ll make it a more regular addition to the blog to really show the diverse nature of self-employed life!


I usually get up early on a Monday morning and head to the gym but I went to bed last night with an awful headache and woke up still not feeling quite 100% so I decided to take things a little slower than normal. I got up at seven o’clock and headed downstairs to make a coffee and some toast and enjoyed them whilst finishing off a book (The Couple Next Door, I’d give it a solid 4/5 rating). I popped on Instagram and noticed I had a message from one of my co-working buddies saying she was going to be at Blend (a very freelancer-friendly coffee shop) for a couple of hours so I decided to get ready and head into town to meet her. On the bus I listened to Sophie Cliff’s Practical Positivity podcast which is THEE best way to start the week!

After a couple of hours of admin and sipping on an iced coffee it was time to head over to one of my client’s studios to have a bit of a photography session to create some content for future social media posts. It was a really fun afternoon and lovely to have some company, especially as my client has the cutest pooch who kept us thoroughly entertained!

I got back home in time to fit in a couple more hours of client work before wrapping up for the evening when Adam got back at about eight o’clock, making sweet and sour chicken for dinner and catching up on last week’s episode of Gogglebox which I’d missed.


Tuesday was very much a home day as I had a lot to get through and just wanted to churn out some work! I got set up at my desk with an iced latte and some toast before getting stuck in. I’m currently working on formatting some old blog posts for a client which luckily doesn’t require too much brain power so I took the opportunity to listen to a couple of interesting podcast episodes at the same time.

I took a break at lunchtime and walked across to my doctors to pick up a prescription (it’s literally at the end of the street so didn’t give me too much opportunity to get some steps in) before making some food and eating it at my desk (not usually advised but some days I end up caving).

The afternoon was much of the same I’m afraid, lots more formatting of blog posts! I like to use the Pomodoro method for tasks like this to help keep me on track, if you haven’t heard of it before it basically consists of setting a timer for twenty-five minutes and working solidly without distractions. When the timer sounds you can then take a five-minute break before doing it all over again! I’ve found that it’s really helped with my productivity and often helps me to resist the urge to pop onto Instagram or Twitter throughout the day!

Adam was working late so I finished up at about half past six and made a big old tuna pasta bake for dinner. I decided to give Selling Sunset a try on Netflix and it’s safe to say I was hooked in about five minutes flat. I headed to bed at around half past nine and spent an hour or so reading this months book club book which was A Spark of Light by Jodi Picolt, although difficult to get into at first I found myself gripped by the story and kept reading until I started to drift off to sleep!

Curious about self-employed life? I'm sharing a look at an average week in the life of a freelance Social Media Manager!

Top – Gant* | Jeans – H&M | Bag – H&M | Sunglasses – Primark | Vans – ASOS


I didn’t get onto my usual six-thirty gym class so I had to instead go along to the half-past nine Grid class (essentially circuits) which was a bit annoying as it split my day up a little oddly by the time I’d showered and changed but oh well, that’s the beauty of freelancing I guess! I was going to head over to Blend again to go to a freelancer meet-up but I had book club planned in this evening (for which I hadn’t quite finished the book, naughty me) so I knew I was going to have to take a slightly longer than normal lunch break to do some reading so sadly I had to skip it this time.

Back home and it was a real scheduling day for several of my clients social media accounts. I had been waiting for some content plans to get signed off and I’d received the go-ahead this morning so it was time to get all of the months posts scheduled in. Although a pretty monotonous task it really does help to know that all of the content is taken care of for the month and there’s no chance of you forgetting to post!

This took up most of the day and I still didn’t end up finishing it all completely but I felt like I needed to take a break to stop myself from going insane…I had a photo I needed to take for my own Instagram account so I got my camera out and whipped up a little set-up on my desk featuring a planner I had very kindly been gifted.

Unfortunately, book club ended up getting cancelled which was a shame as Adam was working late again and I could have done with a bit of human interaction! Instead, I tucked into some leftover tuna pasta bake and watched a couple more episodes of Selling Sunset. Officially hooked…


It was a bright, sunny morning and so I decided to pack up my laptop and head into town to work from Blend for a couple of hours. It felt good to get out of the house and revel in a lovely Spring morning! I got on with some more of my blog post formatting work done whilst sipping on an iced coffee and doing a sneaky bit of people watching from my window seat.

At lunchtime the coffee shop gets super busy so I headed back home and got on with some more formatting work. I also reached out to a potential venue for this month’s Bumble event and discussed some of the details before popping across an email to Bumble to make sure they were happy with everything.

Adam was working late, again….so I thought I may as well continue a little later than normal too and try and get all of my client work for the week done to leave Friday free to focus on my own content. I finished off yesterday’s leftover scheduling so I wouldn’t have to do any client work over the weekend before yes you guessed it, delving into a couple of episodes of Selling Sunset! I also couldn’t really be bothered to cook properly so decided to have a lazy dinner of a fish finger sandwich, yum!

Ever wonder what self-employed life consists of? I'm sharing a look at an average week in the life of a freelance Social Media Manager!


As I managed to get all of my client work done yesterday today was all about Jess Who! First things first I headed to the gym for my final Grid class of the week before coming back home to shower and get ready. I then spent a couple of hours responding to emails about potential collaborations as well as answering some interview questions for an upcoming feature on another blog.

After a pretty dull week spent at home I thought I should probably make a little bit more effort to get out next week so I made a coffee/working date with my friend Tiff, booked a couple of extra gym classes as well as popping myself on the waiting list for an event at Sweaty Betty!

At lunchtime, I popped to Sainsbury’s to pick up some bits and bobs for dinner to avoid any rush hour traffic later whilst obviously also taking a sneaky peak at the homeware which is pretty dreamy right now just FYI.

Back home and I start pulling this post together so I didn’t have to worry about it over the weekend and my writing was obviously accompanied by a classic 80’s playlist because well, Friday.

With a couple of hours of the afternoon left I got stuck into the latest unit of the Be Your Own Designer course by Cat at Gatto Web which I very kindly won access to in a competition! It’s been a great opportunity to really delve deeper into my brand, assess my audience and think about where I want to take my blog and business in the future. I can’t wait to show you what I’ve been working on and some of the projects and ideas that are floating around in my head at the moment!

I clocked off for the weekend at around half past six when Adam arrived home and poured myself a well deserved cider!

Did you enjoy seeing this sneak peak at my working week? Would you like me to showcase more freelance insights on the blog?

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