How to Create a Healthier Relationship with Social Media When You Work in the Industry

Struggle to balance how much time you're spending online? I'm sharing my top tips on creating a healthier relationship with social media

I think it’s fair to say that we spend a pretty hefty amount of time online these days and platforms like Instagram and Twitter aren’t always the positive and inspiring spaces we want them to be. But what do you do when you work in the industry and are struggling with the amount of time you need to spend online? I’m sharing some of the boundaries I’ve put in place since going freelance which are helping me to establish a healthier relationship with social media!

Utilise Scheduling Tools as much as possible

If you feel like you’re spending 24/7 on social media then scheduling platforms should become your new best friend. Not only do they mean that you’re able to plan content in advance but also reduce the amount of time you’re spending in-app so it’s a real win-win situation!

Whether you’re just posting to your own personal account or managing a whole host of clients platforms, scheduling can be a real lifesaver! No more hurridly scrolling through your camera roll on a Monday morning desperately trying to find a suitable image to post whilst picking out the same thirty hashtags you use every. single. time. Say hello to a brand new organised you where a notification simply pops up as a reminder that it’s time to post, you head to Instagram where your image has already been copied over and you simply paste in your caption. Of course, you then want to stick around to engage with your followers a little but the physical uploading process has been significantly reduced meaning more time to grab a coffee before work!

Top tip: I’ve dabbled between using Buffer, Later and Planoly, all of which are all pretty similar, it’s just a case of giving them a try for yourself and choosing your favourite!

Find out how to create a healthier relationship with social media by following my top tips!

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Limit Your Daily Usage

Hands up who has set a time limit on their phones for the amount of time they want to spend on social media per day and press ‘ignore limit’ every time that annoying little box pops up? Please tell me I’m not the only one…

If not, then maybe it’s time to re-evaluate! Is the time limit you have set realistic? Would it be better to extend it so you can actually abide by it?

At the moment I have my limit set to an hour which as you can imagine isn’t working out too well for me. Being a Social Media Manager means I don’t only have my own content to post but at least four other clients at a time so a more acheivable goal is probably needed if I’m to break the cycle of clicking that dreaded little button!

Curate Your Following Feed

I’m sure when the concept behind Instagram was first dreamt up, the app was never meant to become the anxiety-inducing, comparison filled environment that it is now. Back in the early days, it wasn’t much more than a photo-sharing platform where you got a glimpse of what your favourite celebrities were up to and cringed at the drunken night-out shots your friends posted.

We’ve come a long way since then and with the birth of influencers the app has taken on a whole new life but at the end of the day, the one thing to remember is that you are in complete control over the content you are seeing. Be empowered to use that unfollow button whenever someone’s posts are no longer floating your boat. You are the curator of the content you see in your feed so make sure it’s entertaining, educating or inspiring you in some way. Cute puppy accounts are totally okay too…

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Enforce Physical Boundaries

Everyone knows that you should have at least thirty minutes of scroll-free time before bed each night but when your phone is sat within arms reach on your bedside table it can be oh-so tempting to grab it for a final check-in before you settle down, right? Why not eliminate the temptation? Plug your phone in on the opposite side of your bedroom or even better, leave it charging in another room.

As well as setting physiological boundaries with social media it’s also important to enforce physical boundaries as habits are learned over time and often we reach for our phones simply because they’re there. Removing them from eyesight means we are removing them from our thoughts and I’ve found this is particularly useful during the working day. I usually pop mine within my desk drawer so it’s there if I need to switch up my Spotify playlist or check some Instagram stats but it’s out of reach for any mindless scrolling!

Realise When it’s Time to Log Off

Whether this means on a daily basis when you’re starting to feel bogged down by the amount of content you’ve consumed or prolonged periods when you realise you probably need to take a bit of a social media detox it’s important to look out for those tell-tale signs and step away when you need to.

It’s amazing how refreshed you can feel after a weekend of no-scrolling and often I find that a break from social media acts almost like a hard reset from my compulsive habits. Instead of obsessively reaching for my phone I’ll find myself reaching for a book which let’s face it provides much more satisfaction!

Instagram getting you down? I'm sharing my top tips on how to create a healthier relationship with social media when you work in the industry.

Do you struggle to create a healthy relationship with social media? What are some of the boundaries you’ve put in place for yourself?

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How to create a healthier relationship with social media when you work in the industry

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