7 Podcasts all Female Entrepreneurs Need to be Listening to in 2019

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Whether you’re looking for practical business tips, inspiring entrepreneurial stories or a dose of positivity to help kick start your week I’m rounding up the 7 podcasts all female entrepreneurs need to be listening to in 2019.

I really hope that some of you out there are as podcast obsessed as me, otherwise, my growing collection of recommendation posts may be getting a little dull. Anyway, here are the podcasts that have been keeping me company on working days lately and leaving me full of inspiration and motivation for the year ahead!

She Can. She Did.

Fi may only have released two episodes of She Can. She Did so far but I can just tell that it’s going to be one of my favourites already! Putting the spotlight on women in their teens, twenties and thirties who have gone solo and launched their own businesses this podcast touches on the highs, the lows and everything in between and I think gives a really well-rounded view on what it’s truly like to be self-employed.

I’m looking forward to seeing more of the amazing guests Fi has got lined up for the rest of the series as I just know that she’s going to have some real gems up her sleeve!

Favourite episode: Episode 1 – Alice Benham

Starting the Conversation

And that leads us very nicely onto Starting the Conversation, hosted by Alice Benham who I spoke about in my recent Inspirational female business owners to follow in 2019 post. I only discovered Alice’s podcast at the start of the year but I have been binge-listening to the backlog of episodes ever since!

Uncovering the often unspoken sides of being an entrepreneur, Starting the Conversation is a combination of both solo episodes and guest interviews which feature a whole host of interesting business owners. I’ve been limiting myself to a couple of episodes at a time so I still have a few left to catch up on although it will be a sad day when I have to wait a week for a new episode!

Favourite episode: Episode 23 – Community over competition with Sapphire, founder of The Coven

Blog it Boss it Radio

Blog it Boss it Radio is run by multi-award winning blogger and online marketing coach, Holly Sutton who (if she isn’t already) should be your absolute go-to when it comes to ALL things blogging. Each episode is jam-packed full of handy hints, tips and advice to help you get one step closer to a breakthrough with your online presence.

Covering everything from SEO to traffic driving tips you’ll definitely need a notepad and pen when tuning in as Holly spills her secrets when it comes to strategies you need to be implementing into your business!

Favourite episode: Episode 3 – 4-Step Time Management System to Help You Save 10 Hours a Week

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Practical Positivity

Run by the amazing Sophie Cliff, Practical Positivity is like a breath of fresh air in podcast form every Monday morning. Focused on squeezing more joy out of your everyday life the podcast features a whole host of attitude hacks to help you lead a more positive life.

If you read my Goals for 2019 post you will know that I have simply set myself one goal for the year; to be more content and fulfilled which is why this podcast landed at the perfect time for me. Sophie is the master of positivity and her approach to life is something I aspire to incorporate more into my own. Alongside a full-time job, Sophie also runs a blog and several projects on the side so I’m desperate to find out how she manages to fit it in – and all with a smile on her face!

Favourite Episode: Episode 7: Embracing the Everyday

Friends with Business Benefits

Friends with Business Benefits is hosted by Franky and Charlie, two self-employed business besties who have now taken to sharing their co-mentoring chats online. Touching on topics such as finding clients, pricing your work, and goal-setting, this is an absolute must-listen for any business owners or budding freelancers out there.

I love the dynamic of having two business owners with differing experiences and backgrounds as co-hosts as it helps to add diversity and a range of opinions to each episode. Plus it’s definitely inspired me to go on the hunt for a friend with business benefits of my own!

Favourite episode: Episode 10 – How do you make time for creativity when you’re so busy being creative for clients?

Apple iPhone showing Exciting Emails podcast by Vix Meldrew which is one of the podcasts for female entrepreneurs to listen to in 2019

Exciting Emails

Created by everyones favourite blogging BFF Vix Meldrew, Exciting Emails is a podcast based on sharing useful hints, tips and tricks to help you grow your blog and transform it into a business you love.

Vix does a great job of breaking down meaty topics such as SEO and Pinterest marketing into actionable steps to implement into your blogging strategy and make them seem a whole lot less scary for beginners taking their first dip into the blogosphere.

Plus, Vix’s super personable style and hilarious humour makes it a lighthearted and entertaining listen, think much less lecture hall and more inspirational TED talk!

Favourite episode: Episode 9 & 10 – Pinterest for Bloggers

Put Yourself First

Put Yourself First is a podcast focused on inspiring conversations with incredible women and is is hosted by life coach and content creator Kat Horrocks, What I love most about Kat’s podcast is the huge variety of guests she has on the show, she has had everyone from Anna Newton to Alice Liveing to some of her own childhood friends which helps to keep things really interesting and relatable.

The aim of the podcast is to empower you to make time for your personal goals and put yourself first which is a message that I can very much get on board with. Kat’s solo episodes are often focused around practical tips and tricks to help you achieve this is your own day to day life and I tend to find myself nodding along to every word and occasionally even shouting PREACH SISTER!

If you’re yet to give this one a try then you’re in for a real treat as there’s a whole one hundred episodes for you to sink your teeth into, prepare to be hooked!

Favourite episode: Episode 29 – Interior design, the law of attraction and positive mindset with Victoria, Apartment Number 4

What are some of your favourite podcasts at the moment? I’m ALWAYS looking for new recommendations!

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