Why I’m Only Setting One Goal for 2019

Gone are the days of long lists of New Years resolutions! Find out why I'm simplifying my goal setting for 2019 and focusing on one key area of improvement.

The start of a new year is penned as being the best time to make changes in order to drastically improve your life so find out why I’m ditching the long list of resolutions in favour of some simple goal-setting for 2019…

January seems to have really caught me off guard this year, with everything you’re supposed to have achieved within first few days of the year including having a huge home clearout, organising your work plans for the year, doing a healthy food shop and starting up your gym classes again all whilst taking some time off over Christmas to relax it’s safe to say I feel more than a little bit behind schedule!

On New Years Day I felt a mild panic wash over me when I realised that I hadn’t really set any goals for 2019, did this mean I was destined for failure because I hadn’t created a long list of resolutions that I was probably never going to look at again after the second of January?

Of course not…

Subsequently, I decided that 2019 was going to be the year is going to be the year of simplification. Gone are the days of creating totally unrealistic lists of resolutions just because I feel like it’s the ‘done’ thing and instead I’ve simply set myself one goal for the year that I can really focus on and dig deep into.

To feel fulfilled.

Last year in my Goals for 2018 post I spoke about how one of my goals for was to be more content and happier in my own skin which is something I definitely didn’t focus enough attention on achieving. I got distracted by a lot of things that brought me stress, anxiety and worry and allowed them to take over instead of implimenting techniques to tackle them.

I have SO many things to feel thankful for but I regularly find myself getting bogged down in the finer details often brought about by the online comparison trap. My mood can change all too easily when it comes to spending time on social media so I need to learn how to take a step away and separate it from my ‘real’ life.

I’ll be looking at how I can implement changes within all areas of my life in order to achieve my goal and spend 2019 feeling happier, content and more fulfilled.

Gone are the days of long lists of New Years resolutions! Find out why I'm simplifying my goal setting for 2019 and focusing on one key area of improvement.

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In terms of my career, I feel like I’m starting to get to grips with this whole freelance thing. I now have several retainer clients that I work with on a monthly basis so in terms of a self-employed wage I can feel pretty comfortable in the knowledge that I’m earning enough to cover my mortgage and bills every month plus have a little bit extra left over which is nice!

That being said I’m now at the point where I am looking for more. Towards the end of last year I managed to get pretty bogged down with accepting every work offer that came my way under the pretence of earning more money which subsequently left me feeling run down and truth be told, a little bit miserable!

In December I made the decision to decrease my workload a little for 2019 which means I now have more time to focus on passion projects for myself which of course includes my blog, YouTube channel and perhaps even the chance to work on a couple of exciting new ventures which I’m hoping will provide the deeper level of fulfilment and career satisfaction I’m searching for in 2019.

Gone are the days of long lists of New Years resolutions! Find out why I'm simplifying my goal setting for 2019 and focusing on one key area of improvement.


In terms of my home life there are a couple of things I’m looking to find more fulfilment in and the top one is; spending time alone. It’s something I’ve talked about a couple of times on the blog but I think 2019 is the year to address the issue head on and hopefully conquer!

Being truly comfortable in my own company is something I desperately want to achieve. As I’ve never had or particularly welcomed the opportunity of living by myself I feel like it’s even more important to master the art of spending time alone. There are so many amazing women I look up to as inspirations when it comes to being their own best friends including Dolly Alderton, Laura Jane Williams and Ella Gregory but instead of simply reading the articles and liking the Instagram posts I need to start putting their tips into action if I ever want to achieve this for myself.

I also want to find fulfilment in hobbies outside of work again in 2019, I’ve let my career take over my life a little this past year, the work-life balance has become blurred and has subsequently left me feeling unsure of how I like to spend my time aside from tapping away on my keyboard.

Instead of being a slave to my laptop I want to spend my evenings reading (hello new year cliche), getting stuck into more Netflix true crime documentaries, playing games, listening to podcasts, doing puzzles. Basically, anything that doesn’t involve engaging my brain too much. I want to try new hobbies like salsa dancing, calligraphy and yoga so I can hopefully find something that I enjoy doing away from all of the screens that also gives me the change to rest and recharge.

I want to take back my home as being a place of enjoyment and not simply a place that I work from.

Gone are the days of long lists of New Years resolutions! Find out why I'm simplifying my goal setting for 2019 and focusing on one key area of improvement.

Health & Wellbeing

With work and home ticked off the list there are just a couple of extra things I’ll be seeking to find fulfilment with in 2019 which both centre around general health and wellbeing.

The past three months have included little to no exercise and I can definitely see the impact it’s had on how I feel about myself and my general happiness. I’ve used work stress as an excuse to remove the gym from my daily routine since moving house last year when in reality it probably would have helped me to feel more grounded. 2019 is a time for fresh starts, I want to work on my health and fitness routine as I have no doubts that it will bring more well-rounded fulfilment to my life.

In terms of mental health I think that working from home every day has had a huge impact on my general wellbeing, I miss the interaction gained from an office environment and simply having someone to chat to about the latest binge-able Netflix show. Days can go by before I realise that I haven’t actually left the house for anything more than a trip to the local supermarket for milk.

Towards the end of last year I set up a little weekly co-working group for fellow freelancers to meet up weekly in Nottingham which made a huge difference to my working routine. This is something I’m going to be looking to develop and do much more of in 2019 as I feel like it can bring about a huge sense of fulfilment to my life.

I’m hoping that this simple approach to goal-setting will leave me feeling much more focused, less stressed and ready to tackle 2019 head on. I’ll be sure to give you regular updates on how I’m getting on, any actions I’ve put in place or any progress I’ve made throughout the next twelve months!

Do you like to set goals for the year ahead? I’d love to hear some of your 2019 goals!

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