5 Changes I’m Making to Create a More Productive Working Routine in 2019

Looking to get more out of your working day? Find out how to create a more productive working routine in 2019 by implementing these five changes.

It’s safe to safe that things got a little hectic towards the end of last year with work, so much so that I came pretty close to burning out good and proper. I want 2019 to be much better managed so I can be stress-free (or at least less stressed) and enjoy more of a work/life balance. With that in mind, here are the five changes I’m going to be making to my working routine this year…

Adding in Daily Exercise

The gym was a big part of my daily routine throughout the first part of 2018 but after we moved into our new house in September I well and truly fell off the exercise wagon. I switched gyms to one which would be more convenient but ended up really disliking it.

I’ve found the key to making exercise an integral part of my routine is to do classes that I enjoy which is why I decided to rejoin my old faithful Virgin Active at the start of January and I am already feeling back on the hype. Adding exercise into my morning routine means I’m getting up earlier, heading out of the house (something that doesn’t happen every day when you work from home) and starting the day feeling a lot more positive and ready to tackle my to-do list come 8am.

I’m planning on heading to the gym three or four times a week and on my off days a simple half an hour walk will do, just to make sure I’m actually getting outside and breathing some fresh air!

Looking to get more out of your working day? Find out how to create a more productive working routine in 2019 by implementing these five changes

Bringing Back a Lunch Break

Over the past couple of months, I found that my lunch break was simply getting swallowed up. I had so much to get through every day that I just couldn’t justify switching off for half an hour and taking a break. Grabbing a quick bite to eat at my desk became the norm and some days I found that I barely left my office from eight o’clock when Adam left to go to work and when he got back at around six-thirty/seven.

Now I know that this approach to working isn’t healthy, taking regular breaks is the key to maintaining a productive mindset and I know that I need to start working smarter not harder. I definitely wouldn’t be impressed if this was expected of me when I was employed so why am I doing it to myself when I’m self-employed and in charge of my own schedule?

In order to combat this problem I have started to actually schedule a daily lunch break into my Google calendar. That way I can plan my work for the day around taking half an hour out to grab a healthy lunch and spend some time away from all of the screens!

Create a Better Morning/Nighttime Routine

I am an absolute nightmare for waking up in the morning and instantly reaching for my phone, it’s almost like a reflex which is embarrassing to admit. Whether I’m scrolling through Instagram or checking my emails it’s definitely not the optimal way to be starting or ending your day.

When it comes to creating better routines I want to be spending my mornings free from social media and emails so that I am instead able to focus on setting myself up for the most productive day possible. That includes exercise if it’s gym day, having a healthy breakfast, listening to a podcast whilst I’m getting ready and spending some time creating my to-do list for the day. There are so many books and articles out there that talk about how important mornings routines are to perform at your most optimal and I’m determined to create a successful one of my own.

In the evenings I want to go social media free from 9pm and spend some quality time winding down before bed by reading and journaling in my One Line a Day Memory Book. I’m even going to start leaving my phone in my office overnight to completely remove the temptation to scroll!

Looking to get more out of your working day? Find out how to create a more productive working routine in 2019 by implementing these five changes

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Plan my Days Out From Start to Finish

By nature, I am a pretty organised person but I think there are definite areas of improvement when it comes to structuring my working day. My main problem is that I work for several different clients so I can often feel as though I am constantly flitting from task to task. It can be difficult to manage and sometimes leaves me feeling as though my work is purely reactionary.

I’ve spoken previously about how I altered my working routine after seeing Holly rave about the power of time blocking and I’m already starting to see how it can make a real difference to productivity levels. By grouping tasks together and assigning a time period to them provides you with a level of accountability if you want to stay on schedule.

Google Calendar has become my BFF and no task is too small to be popped in there! Whether it’s my morning social media community management checks to responding to emails, every minute within my working day is accounted for. I’ve also got into the routine of rounding off my day by looking ahead to the following one and making sure that any tasks which haven’t been completed are carried over.

This new way of working allows me to structure my days in a much clearer way, work at an optimal level and get as much done as possible!

Switch up my Working Environment

You might think that working from home sounds like the dream but as I mention pretty frequently it’s actually one of my least favourite things about being self-employed. I really struggle with the isolation that comes with being freelance and I’m constantly on the lookout for solutions to solve the dissatisfaction I’ve found with my working routine.

Towards the end of last year, I set up weekly co-working sessions in a Nottingham coffee shop with a couple of local freelancers and creatives which I found definitely helped to make a difference to my mental health. It gives me a real buzz to work alongside individuals in a similar industry to me and share stories about the many difficulties of self-employed life. This outlet has become a staple fixture in my working routine and I can’t wait to kick off sessions again for 2019 starting from today.

Despite this, I’ve found that one day a week still isn’t enough for me so I’m on the lookout for a local co-working space that can serve as a more permanent work environment for my business. There are a couple based in Nottingham but none that quite seem to be the perfect fit. I have a few trial days booked in to test them out but until then I’ll be trying to get out and about as much as possible by heading to coffee shops and meeting up with as many local freelancers as possible!

Looking to get more out of your working day? Find out how to create a more productive working routine in 2019 by implementing these five changes

I’m hoping that implementing these simple changes into my daily routine will mean that I can be much more productive during working hours and leave me feeling able to switch off and relax in the evenings. It can be easy to slip into the trap of thinking you need to be ‘always on’ when you’re a business owner but that just isn’t sustainable and is a sure fire way to land yourself a one-way ticket to burnout-ville!

Are there any changes you’re going to be making to your working routine this year?


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