5 Inspirational Female Business Owners to Follow in 2019

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The internet is absolutely brimming with creative individuals doing some incredible things, so much so that it can sometimes be a little intimidating! Despite that, there are certain online creators I find myself coming back to time and time again for guidance so today I thought I’d share 5 inspirational female business owners to follow in 2019.

Since launching my own business just over a year ago I’ve come to realise just how important community is, whether that’s online or in real life, connections are absolutely key. If you’re looking for a little advice, a useful anecdote or someone to simply tell you that they’ve been there before it’s crucial to have inspirational figures to look up to for guidance on your journey.

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a couple of these lovely ladies over the past year and some I can only dream of meeting so why not take a look at the five business owners I’ll be looking to for a touch inspo throughout 2019 (and beyond).

Victoria – Apartment Number 4

Victoria from Apartment Number 4 is one of my top 5 inspirational female business owners to follow in 2019

Victoria is everything I aspire to be in a business owner, motivated, driven, committed and shares an extremely positive outlook on life. Predominantly an interior blogger, Victoria has recently stepped out to talk more about the ins and outs of running a business and posts on entrepreneurship are now a regular occurrence on her blog, Apartment Number 4.

Over the past nine months that Victoria has taken her blog full time she has launched her Online Interior Design Service, Pin to Win Pinterest Course and really stepped up the content included in her monthly interiors magazine. She’s managed to achieve so much AND make it look easy from the outside (I’m almost 100% sure that it wasn’t) but Victoria just oozes confidence in her field.

Victoria is always there to lift up fellow business owners and bloggers over on Twitter and Instagram which is a trait I absolutely love about her, no one is seen as competition and she has managed to build up such a lovely community around her due to her amazing work ethic and generally lovely personality!

What to look out for: Pin to Win Pinterest Course for Bloggers

Holly – A Branch of Holly

Holly from A Branch of Holly is one of my top 5 inspirational female business owners to follow in 2019

I’ve followed Holly for a number of years now as we both started our blogging journeys at a similar time and last year I had the absolute pleasure of meeting her when she was a guest speaker at one of my Bumble events.

Both Holly’s blog and social channels are an absolute treasure trove of digital marketing knowledge that she shares with her community on a daily basis. Whenever I’m struggling with a certain element of my blog, Holly is usually the one I turn to for advice. If she hasn’t written about it, it probably isn’t worth knowing!

Holly is 100% devoted to nurturing her community and the passion for running her business emanates across every platform. She always has the time to engage with her audience and no question is too complex to delve into. Her hardworking nature is inspirational and not to mention she is the absolute queen of time-blocking which is a technique I have implemented into my own business thanks to her recommendation.

Holly has recently turned her hand to coaching which I think she will excel at due to her attentive nature and wealth of knowledge!

What to look out for: Blog it Boss it Radio

Sophie – Sophie French

Sophie French Creative is one of my top 5 inspirational female business owners to follow in 2019

Where to start with Sophie

Pretty much all you need to know is that she is an absolute ray of sunshine. And that she is a mindset and message coach who helps her clients to tap into their magic and share it with the world!

Again I first met Sophie when she offered to be a guest speaker at one of my Bumble Bizz panel talks where she did an absolutely incredible job and left a lasting effect on every single one of the attendees.

Since then I have followed Sophie’s every move and invited her back to host another Bumble workshop all about ‘Crushing the Can’t in Your Head’. It was an amazing session which left me pondering questions I’d never dared to ask myself before and allowed me to dream a little bigger with my goals.

Seeing one of Sophie’s posts pop up whilst you’re scrolling through Instagram is honestly like a breath of fresh air. Her empowering messages are shared through beautiful images and enchanting stories which instantly draw you in.

The world would definitely be a much more positive place if there were more Sophie’s in it and I’m so glad I have had the pleasure of being in her company!

What to look out for: Magic Activation Workshop

Jenna Kutcher

Jenna Kutcher is one of my top 5 inspirational female business owners to follow in 2019

I think it’s probably fair to say that Jenna is the Queen of the digital marketing world. With a million-pound business she definitely isn’t no small fish but her amazing growth shows the real possibilities that can come from running an online business in this day and age!

Not only is Jenna’s website crammed full of helpful and inspiring content but along with that, it is absolutely beautiful. Her warm, pastel-toned images are everything that I dream about in Instagram aesthetics and I even bought her Lightroom Presets in the hope that I could be a little more ‘Jenna Kutcher’.

Haven given birth only a matter of weeks ago Jenna has already been back online engaging with her community and creating beautiful imagery, I swear she must be some sort of superwoman…

Despite being a true ‘girl boss’, Jenna seems incredibly down to earth and hearing her chat so openly on her podcast about her journey from the corporate world to wedding photographer to CEO of an online business shows just what hard work and determination can achieve!

What to look out for: The Goal Digger Podcast

Alice Benham

Alice Benham is one of my top 5 inspirational female business owners to follow in 2019

Alice is a relatively new discovery for me, I came across her Instagram account after spotting her Gather and Grow retreat being shared across the platform and instantly took a real shine to her outlook on business.

Alongside running retreats, Alice is also a Digital Marketing Coach and podcaster. Her podcast, Starting the Conversation which uncovers the unspoken sides of being an entrepreneur has me a little bit addicted. I may have listened to six episodes in the space of a day but I’m going for a record of eight tomorrow as I still have a whole back catalogue to work through!

I was also surprised to discover that Alice is only twenty years old which is pretty incredible, I can’t even fathom running my own business at that age and the story she shares about her journey so far shows what a strong and determined business woman she is. I’m glad that I found Alice when I did and I can’t wait to follow along with her journey!

What to look out for: Gather & Grow Retreat


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