A Sneak Peak at my Home Office Makeover

My Californian style home office makeover featuring my gorgeous desk setup from La Redoute.

This is a sponsored post by Victoria Retail Park.

So it’s now been three whole months since we moved into our new house and since then we have slowly been working our way through each room attempting to make it feel more like ‘us’. First on the agenda was the bedroom as we wanted to create a calming space to relax in the evenings and after that the next logical room to update was my office. As I’m self-employed and spend a lot of time at my desk I wanted to create an inspirational space that I would enjoying working from.

My usual style tends to be quite rustic and industrial but I was totally inspired by the interior goddess that is Lily Pebbles to paint one of the walls in my office in the Farrow and Ball shade Setting Plaster which is a far more feminine choice than my standard whites, greys and navys.  I then also found myself swooning over Victoria’s Californian style home office and decided I wanted to (attempt) create something similar. Along with the dusty pink coloured wall and white furniture I wanted to start incorporating some gold accessories to really finish off the room in style.

With that thought in mind it couldn’t have been better timing when Victoria Retail Park in Nottingham got in touch and asked if I’d like to come down to do some homeware shopping at my choice from their range of interior shops. I’m a real regular down at the retail park as it is five minutes away from where I used to live and work and I know the TKMaxx like the back of my hand so it was definitely a no brainer on where I would head to!

Now as you’ll all know if you’re big TKMaxx fans, it’s a shop that is very easy to get carried away in. It’s all too tempting to forget the one thing you actually went in there to pick up and instead come away with an array of trinket dishes, Tupperware and candles upon candles but on this occasion I had laser sharp focus. I was there for the office supplies!

Looking to create an inspirational workspace at home? Come and take a look at my home office makeover to see how I've transformed it.

Up until this point my office was very much the bare bones of a room, it had a couple of pieces of furniture and not much else so the mission was to transform the space into one that was inspiring and a lot more homely. First on the to-buy list was of course candles and judging by the time of year you might think I’m crazy not to have picked up some Autumn scents but I like to keep my office smelling quite neutral and save the sweet scents for the cosier rooms in the house!

I added a couple of these candles with textured pots to the room which I absolutely love and honestly, I feel apprehensive about burning as I just love how they look against my white sideboard!

Cute coffee table books are a staple part of any home office makeover!

When it comes to coffee table books it’s safe to say I’m pretty obsessed, I just love displaying the beautiful covers and they can add a real splash of colour to a room too. Whilst perusing the stacks of gorgeous books in TKMaxx there was one that stopped me in my tracks and I just knew I had to have! As a self-confessed stripe-a-holic there is no book more fitting out there than this one and on top of that the illustrated cover is just gorgeous and brings a lovely artistic feel this section of the office.

Looking to create an inspirational workspace at home? Come and take a look at my home office makeover featuring some gorgeous pieces from TKMaxx.

Next up is the all important desk area! I’ve been desperate to add more greenery to my office so when I spotted this gold plated planter I knew it was going straight home with me. I chose to fill it with some hanging ivy and I just love the look of the trailing branches, especially mixed in with the fairy lights! It’s amazing how much difference a couple of plants can make to a room and how much life they can really breathe into it.

Looking to create an inspirational workspace at home? Come and take a look at my home office makeover to see how I've transformed it.

As a business owner with a busy schedule staying organised is absolutely key and yes I may already own a whole stash of untouched notebooks and planners but no one needs to know that…I thought this weekly planner was the perfect addition to my desk as it gives me a clear view of my working week and allows me to easily plot in what I’ve got going on and tasks I need to tick off. 

For my collection of snazzy (mostly peach related) stationary I was on the lookout for a grown up pen pot and when I clapped eyes on this gorgeous gold organiser I knew it would serve the purpose well and plus, it still has space for me to add tonnes more pastel highlighters so that’s a real bonus!

Finally, you may be able to tell that I got just a teensy, tiny bit carried away with the gold theme but I just couldn’t resist these cute little pieces to pop on my desk. The mug really is a necessity anyway for all of the coffee I need to drink to help me do my best work!

So what do you think of my updated home office? What helps you to stay motivated and productive in a workspace?

This post is sponsored by Victoria Retail Park and I was very kindly given a gift card to spend in TKMaxx but all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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