6 New Podcasts for Creative Business Owners

Are you a bit of a podcast addict like me? Check out 7 of the best new podcasts for creative business owners looking for some inspiration!

How many more blog posts based around podcasts can I realistically get away with before it becomes a tad over the top? I just hope and pray that you’re big fans of filling your ears with podcasting chatter too! Over the past couple of weeks there definitely seems to have been a bit of an influx of new business podcasts on the scene but I for one am not complaining! It’s great to have some fresh series to get stuck into so if you’re a business owner or creative looking to get inspired check out six of the new podcasts that I’ve been loving lately.

This North Works

I’m sure a lot of you will already follow the lovely lifestyle blogger Sophie Cliff and if you do you will have spotted that she recently kick started a new project called This North Works which focuses on celebrating individuals who have managed to create exciting, fulfilling and successful careers up north. As a northern gal myself I really appreciate Sophie’s aims to open up the discussion around growing a creative and ambitious career outside of London as it’s something I can relate to hugely.

Only four episodes into the series and Sophie has already had some amazing guests ranging from Travel blogger, Monica Stott to Daisy Barnes, Co-Founder of Yolk HQ and total babe who I’ve had the pleasure of meeting several times. It’s so interesting to hear the inspirational stories from local business owners and entrepreneurs who’ve made the decision to set up their businesses outside of the capital and make it work to their advantage.

Sophie’s warm personality and down to earth nature really comes across throughout each episode which makes the podcast an absolute pleasure to listen to and definitely kicks any stigma that it’s grim up north!

Favourite episode: Daisy Barnes, Yolk HQ

Fearless Hustle Collective

Created by Anna Dunleavy, a Nottingham based photographer and founder of the Fearless Hustle Collective, a supportive community for like-minded female creatives which I have the absolute pleasure of being a part of, the podcast of the same name focuses on opening up honest conversations about the ups and downs of running your own business as a creative female entrepreneur.

Kicking off the series with a real bang and interviewing none other than the queen of Instagram herself, Sara Tasker the podcast has had some really interesting and different guests which is key in a world where new female centred business podcasts are popping up every other week.

If you’re a business owner or creative I guarantee you’ll feel inspired and motivated to take the next step (or even leap) after listening to an episode or two of The Fearless Hustle Collective!

Favourite episode: Multi-Faceted Business with Amy Bailey

Fearless Hustle Collective, one of the 6 new podcasts aimed at female business owners that I'm loving.

Holly & Co: Conversations of Inspiration

As the founder of Notonthehighstreet and Holly & Co, Holly Tucker is pretty much the queen of business and has spent the last fifteen years growing and empowering small businesses all over the UK.

In Conversations of Inspiration, Holly interviews fellow founders and together they discuss the highs and lows of building a business and share some seriously good advice and inspiration along the way. The calibre of guests on Holly’s podcast is ridiculous, we’re only four episodes in and already we’ve had an OBE and a CBE which only highlights the amazing connections Holly has made throughout her career.

The stories shared are so inspirational as in many cases we’re talking about multi-million-pound, global brands which all started out around a kitchen dining table, I honestly can’t wait to see who’s next on the guest-list as the bar has been set extremely high!

Favourite episode: Julie Deane OBE of The Cambridge Satchel Company

The Sunday Social

Originally a YouTube series, The Sunday Social is a Sunday brunch pop culture podcast hosted by Lucy Moon. In each episode, Lucy chats to her guests about a pop culture trend that has been relevant over the past year. From the future of YouTube to the #MeToo movement the podcast offers a unique perspective from some of the most relevant individuals of today’s online world.

We’re currently only two episodes in but I can tell it’s going to become a real favourite due to it’s chilled out feel and honest, open discussions. After all, what better accompaniment to your Sunday morning lie-in is there than a good chatty podcast?

Favourite episode: Is Blogging Dying? With Liv Purvis

Are you a bit of a podcast addict like me? Check out 7 of the best new podcasts for creative business owners looking for some inspiration!

Deliciously Ella: The Podcast

As well as covering the world of physical, mental health and well-being, Deliciously Ella: The Podcast also focuses on the realities of building a business from the ground up and is hosted by Ella and her husband Matthew who seem to be the absolute dream team.

Welcoming guests from a whole host of industries to share stories and advice that they’ve learnt throughout their journeys makes for some seriously interesting chatter. As someone who is extremely eager to learn more about diet and nutrition and how it affects our bodies this is perfect jumping off point for me and each episode I find myself taking notes about various ingredients and vitamins that I want to add to my shopping list. The podcast also touches on raising awareness on issues such as food waste which is obviously a huge problem in our modern world and it’s refreshing to see it being spoken about in such an honest and relatable way.

Favourite episode: Telling the Deliciously Ella Story with Ella and Matt

Readers Gonna Read

Ending on a slightly different note but business owners need down time too don’t they and I find the best way to switch off after a busy day is to get stuck into a good book! Readers Gonna Read is centred around interviews with bookish people about the books they can’t stop thinking about and it’s the absolute perfect place to pick up some inspiration if you’re on the lookout for a new read!

Such an easy listen with some lovely guests this is definitely set to be a new favourite for times when I need to switch off and unwind.

Favourite episode: Episode 1: Sophie Cliff

Do you have any favourite podcasts that I haven’t mentioned? I’d absolutely love to hear your suggestions as I’m always on the hunt for new ones!

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Are you a bit of a podcast addict like me? Check out 7 of the best new podcasts for creative business owners looking for some inspiration!


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