A Sneak Peek Inside Our New Bedroom

Come and take a sneak peek inside our new bedroom which includes these gorgeous prints from Cawligraphy and Not on the Highstreet.

Welcome to my crib!

So the interior posts are kicking off with a look inside our bedroom which was the first room in the new house that we tackled, mainly due to the hideous purple feature wall that I just couldn’t bare to wake up to every morning!

I had it in my head that I wanted our bedroom to be a bit of a sanctuary so the main aim was to create a calming space to relax in the evenings away from the screens and hectic nature of day to day life. We kicked things off by white-washing the walls (that damn purple wall took three coats) which instantly brightened up the space and added some cheap-ish blinds to the windows for privacy. At some point in the future we’d love to add shutters to the windows to create a really chic look but unfortunately our budget couldn’t quite stretch that far so it’s something we’ll be saving up for over time.

We were lucky that we already had some bedroom furniture from our previous rented homes in the form of an oak chest of drawers and wardrobe from B&M which seemed to slot in quite seamlessly and I instantly got to work on styling them up. I added a couple of prints, one of which was gifted to me by the amazing Ruth at Cawligraphy and is a super simple typography print with red lettering which I think adds the perfect pop of colour. Our frames are just the IKEA Ribba frames which I think I need to start bulk ordering with the amount of prints we want to add to our walls in mind!

I also picked up this super simple yet stylish jewellery stand from George at Asda which is perfect for the small amount of necklaces I actually own and was a bargain at a mere four pounds!

Take a sneak peek inside our new bedroom including our dreamy new bed from Made.com

The bed is something we deliberated over for weeks prior to moving in as I had something quite specific in mind. I’d basically fallen in love with the Alana Brushed Brass bed from Made but due to the twelve week lead time it was totally impractical. A quick scout on eBay brought up a real result as someone was selling a nearly new one for a fraction of the price so I ended up getting my dream bed frame for a dream price!

A new home equals new bedding right?! As we had upgraded to a king size bed it was time to refresh our bedding and luckily we were treated to some new pillows from Bensons for Beds just in the nick of time. We have been trying out the iGel pillows over the past month which are specifically designed to regulate your temperature and have been a real god-send for getting a good nights kip on these humid nights! We received both a side sleeper pillow and a front/back sleeper pillow which is pretty much the perfect combination for Adam and I. They are definitely a lot firmer than I’m used to so they’ve been taking a little bit of adapting to but if you’re a fan of a firm pillow then they’re definitely worth checking out and are a great way to #BeatTheHeat!

We kept things pretty simple bedding wise with a set of plain white waffle bedding from George at Asda and accessorised with some gorgeous H&M navy velvet cushions to add a pop of colour and a chunky grey throw to bring in some texture.

Take a sneak peek inside our new bedroom which includes what's on our IKEA Gladom Tray Tables 

The bedside tables still need a bit of TLC and styling magic but at the moment we have added a touch of industrial chic to our IKEA Gladom Tray Tables with these gorgeous George at Asda table lamps. They were an absolute bargain at only eighteen pounds and are very similar to the much coveted Aldi lamps which many bloggers now have in their homes.

I do love a good monogrammed detail so we each have one of these initial candles from Tesco by our bedside and I have my latest reads which at the moment are Emma Gannon’s The Multi-Hyphen Method and This is Going to Hurt by Adam Kay.

Check out a sneak peek from our new bedroom which includes some new artwork from Nine by Nine and and plants from IKEA.

As soon I saw the bedroom on our first house viewing I knew that I wanted to add a bold, statement print to the chimney breast and I discovered the perfect one whilst perusing the Nine by Nine site. I love a good motivational quote and this ‘Do it For You’ print definitely spoke to me, the colours tie in perfectly with the room and I think it makes an amazing focal point. I’ll definitely be picking up more typography style prints from Nine by Nine in the future as I pretty much spent an entire evening drooling over their site (no exaggeration).

To add the perfect finishing touch to the room everyone needs a little friend in the form of an IKEA Monstera don’t they? He brings so much colour and life to the room and I can definitely see him slowly taking over as he (hopefully) grows up! Under Mr Monstera (new nickname) the bedroom has gorgeous wooden floorboards which we absolutely love and were a huge selling point for the house but sometimes you just need a little bit of comfort underfoot so we picked up this rattan style rug on one of our many trips to HomeSense!

I hope you enjoyed taking a little look around our bedroom, it’s still not 100%  finished but it’s definitely getting there and is now a room that I really enjoy spending time in. Especially evenings reading with the fairy lights on or mornings catching up on blog posts with the gorgeous light streaming through the window.

Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for plenty of interior posts coming soon as we move on to tackling more rooms in the house and please do let me know if there’s any posts in particular that you’d like to see!



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