Life Update: We Bought a House!

“Home is not a place, it’s a feeling.”

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It’s been my absolute dream to own my own house for what feels like forever so the fact it’s finally come true seems a little hard to get my head around at the moment.

We got the keys almost two weeks ago now and since then life has been filled with packing, unpacking, cleaning and painting. We still have several boxes knocking around that we’re yet to unpack, you know the sort, the ones packed full of wires and various other odds and ends! Trying to balance all of this alongside running a business has been tricky and my time management has had to be on point. I feel like we’re just about starting to get back to normality, I have a desk to work from but still no internet so my phone hotspot has taken quite a battering over the last ten days…

Anyway, a few details about the house. It’s a Victorian terrace which is exactly the type of property we’d always dreamt of buying and has lots of quirky elements and original features which was something that was high on our priority list. I absolutely love the high ceilings, the gorgeous wooden floorboards and the log burning fire and although not everything is quite to our taste (hello purple bedroom wall) we saw the potential from the start and it definitely felt like it had something special to offer when we came to view it for the first time.

There are a number of things that we plan on changing and updating but it’s definitely going to be a long-term project due to us unfortunately not being made of money. We’ll be tackling rooms one at a time when the budget allows but it’s the kitchen and bathroom which will be requiring the most attention. As daunting as it feels I’m beyond excited to be able to put our stamp on the house and really get the chance to flex our interior design muscles. I want to create a space which truly feels like home and one which we can create lots of happy memories within.

I’m really looking forward to documenting our journey with the house and incorporating more interior based content into my blog and social channels. I’m hoping that having my own space will also really help to boost my creativity and in turn improve the quality AND quantity of my content.

If you’d like to see more interior updates make sure you come and follow me over on Instagram where I’m sharing some little snippets and if you fancy taking a more in-depth look I’ve filmed an empty house tour over on my YouTube channel. I’ll also be filming regular vlogs detailing our progress so come on over and subscribe so you don’t miss out!


Author: Jessica

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