5 Things I Want to Make Time for This Summer

Looking for interesting ways to fill your summer holidays? Take a look at the 5 things which have made it on to my summer to-do list this year.

Life at the moment seems to look a lot like the below:

Work. Eat. Gym. Sleep. Work. Blog. Eat. Sleep.

As I’m in the first six months of setting up and running a business this is obviously totally understandable. Going self-employed is extremely demanding and if I want my business to grow then now is the time that I need to invest the hard work. Despite this I have started to feel as though most things aside from work have started to slip through the cracks and find themselves further and further down on the priority scale. With no holiday on the horizon this year which would provide a much needed opportunity to rest and recharge I’ve decided to take it upon myself to dedicate this summer to slowing down just a little and investing some time into myself.

Come and take a look at the five things that I’d like to tick off my summer to-do list.

Learning New Skills

I can’t keep track of the number of free courses, workshops, eBooks and newsletters that have dropped into my inbox over the past year that I haven’t even had the time to open. Investing in yourself as a business owner (or as an individual!) is so important, there is so much valuable information out there to help you get ahead in your career but I find that I constantly push my own progression to the bottom of the priority pile which is something that needs to stop! I’m now going to be aiming to dedicate one day a week to learning new skills whether that be working on improving my video editing or looking into ways to enhance the look and feel of my blog.

I’d also love to share some of the valuable skills I’ve developed over the years since working in digital marketing so I’m going to be spending some time looking into developing my own courses and eBooks based around subjects such as simple SEO for bloggers. Please do let me know if this is something you might be interested in, what factors help you to decide to invest in a course and what you’d like to get out of it.

Improving my Knowledge on Nutrition

I’ve been in what I would consider a consistent ‘workout routine’ for well over a year now, I see exercise as an integral part of my week and usually try to schedule in at least three workouts. Despite this, I still feel as though I could be pushing myself further and an area I really want to look into developing is my awareness of nutrition and how it can directly impact my energy levels and how I feel on a day-to-day basis.

A couple of years ago I really struggled with fatigue and was diagnosed with a vitamin B12 deficiency which made me look at how I could improve my diet. I made some simple changes and since then my energy levels have improved which I think could also largely be attributed to implementing a regular workout routine. I’m now looking to shift my workouts to focus more predominantly on weight training and therefore want my diet to support this. I have countless healthy eating recipe books in my collection and want to get into a routine of using these weekly for food inspiration as opposed to reverting to the same simple dinners as a safety net. I’m also desperate to try Hello Fresh as I’ve heard great things about the subscription boxes and think it would be a great way to try some brand new recipes!

Getting outdoors is one of the top 5 things on my summer to-do list this year!


Of course reading was always going to make its way into this list! It’s something I vow to make time for over and over again but always struggle to find the time to fit into my daily routine. With no commute and often no dedicated lunch break it’s something that has been extremely neglected since I took the leap into self-employment and subsequently my bookshelf is now crammed full of books that I’m yet to even open. I used to spend at least the last half an hour of my day before bed making my way through a couple of chapters but since Love Island hit our screens six weeks ago that has gone right out of the window!

Last week I received a belated birthday parcel in the post from one of my besties and in there was Adam Kay’s book This is Going to Hurt and Derren Brown’s Happy, both of which I can’t wait to get stuck into and I’m desperately hoping will kick-start my love for reading again. If you have any other suggestions for books to read over the summer months I’d absolutely love to hear them!

Getting Outdoors

For me summer is all about picnics in the park, BBQ’s with friends, outdoor pub lunches and bike rides in the countryside. So far we have been blessed with the most amazing weather and I’ve been trying my best to make the most of it and get outdoors as much as possible. A couple of weekends ago I spent a day in the garden with my family planting some flowers in memory of my Grandma and I couldn’t believe how relaxing I found it. I now can’t wait for the day when I have my own garden to look after but until then I’m thinking I might put together some pots or maybe even a couple of terrariums to keep me occupied and test my skills as a plant owner!

I’ve tried to implement getting outdoors into my daily routine and on working days this often means a walk around the lake whilst listening to a podcast or a morning run before sitting down at my desk. I’ve found that it makes such a difference to my productivity levels, I feel in a much better head space if I dedicate even just an hour to getting outdoors and that’s why it’s now an integral part of my day. The hard part will be keeping up with it once winter arrives!

Offline Projects

As mentioned above, my day-to-day life pretty much consists of being sat behind a laptop and as much as I love blogging, social media and everything in between I think that spending some time offline is absolutely key to living a well-balanced lifestyle.

I’d love to be able to invest some time in offline projects to relax and unwind in the evenings away from screens as I think it would really benefit how productive I subsequently am throughout the day. Over the past couple of months I’ve tried my hand at a number of crafty activities such as calligraphy and flower arranging but I don’t think I’ve quite found my calling yet! I’d love to try my hand at something like embroidery or macramé so I’ll definitely be looking at some tutorials and giving them a go over the next couple of months, I might even go on the lookout for some workshops to attend!

Do you have anything you want to make time for this summer? What are your go-to ways to slow down?



Author: Jessica

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