The 6 Most Instagram Worthy Spots in Nottingham

Check out 6 of the most Instagram worthy spots in Nottingham that I've discovered including the very pretty Cobden Chambers.

The life of a blogger usually consists of a continuous search for new locations to take photos and if you live anywhere outside of London then it’s highly likely that you won’t have an extravagant flower wall or cute coffee shop on every street corner so it makes life just that little bit more difficult!

Every town or city has it’s pretty parts though so today I thought that I’d run you through six of the most Instagram worthy spots in and around Nottingham that I love using for photo-shoots!

Cobden Chambers

If you’re a lover of pastel colours and twinkley lights then you’re going to be a BIG fan of Cobden Chambers! Located in the area of Hockley, Cobden Chambers is home to number of independent creative businesses ranging from an absolutely gorgeous jewellers to a super cool record shop. The area has a real buzz about it and if you too are a freelancer or creative be sure to pop by Think as they host regular events and workshops which are sure to be of interest!

Top tip: Make sure you stop by Studio Chocolate for some truly delicious and totally Instagrammable sweet treats!

Discovering 6 of the most Instagram worthy spots in Nottingham perfect for bloggers including Cobden Chambers in Hockley

Highfields Boating Lake

Fancy doing a little Noah and Allie recreation? Then there’s only one spot that will make the cut. Head on over to Highfields Park, hop into a rowing boat and snap that iconic shot! Sitting on the lake in the gorgeous grounds of the University of Nottingham you’ll barely be able to believe that you’re just ten minutes out of the city centre and whilst you’re in the area why not head over and get your snap taken by the jazzy Nottingham sign too!

Castle Grounds

On the hunt for those classic white-washed buildings made famous by London based Instagram accounts? Well look no further than the beautiful Castle Road which is situated just around the corner from Nottingham Castle. If like me you are a bit of a sucker for a pretty door then you’ll be in your absolute element as there are some seriously gorgeous and rather grand looking houses which will fit seamlessly on the #ihavethisthingwithdoors hashtag.

Top tip: You’ll also find some pretty looking houses around The Park area so be sure to have a little wander around!

The life of a blogger = constantly searching for new photo-shoot locations. Check out 6 of the most Instagram worthy spots in Nottingham

Hockley Arts Club

Everyone knows that blossom is a bloggers best friend so just imagine the shots you could get with a whole room packed full of it?! If you haven’t heard of Hockley Arts Clubs, it’s one of the quirkiest hidden bars in Nottingham offering the fanciest of cocktails within the most amazing setting. Each floor is themed differently and throughout the summer months the top floor is transformed into a stunning Oriental Spring Garden. So next time you’re looking for somewhere to head to for some cocktails with the girls why not whip your camera out and get shooting some snaps for Instagram too!

Sneinton Market

For graffiti walls there’s only one place to head in Nottingham and that is the area of Sneinton Market. Recently redeveloped and transformed into the city’s creative quarter it’s awash with independent businesses selling all manner of arts, crafts and creative services. The area boasts an amazing selection of colourful graffiti which is sure to fit into every Instagram grid!

Top tip: Make sure to stop by and pick up a coffee from Blend before heading over to The Watered Garden for the most Instagram-worthy collection of plants and succulents you ever did see!

Always on the look out for new photo-shoot locations? Check out 6 of the most Instagram worthy spots in Nottingham including Sneinton Market

Wollaton Hall

I usually tend to stick to ‘urban’ locations for my outfit shots but if you’re looking to add a little bit of nature into your feed then Wollaton Hall is the perfect place to head to. As well as the rather grand hall which is famous for featuring on The Dark Knight Rises there is also an absolutely gorgeous glass house within the grounds which is definitely at the top of my list for a future photo-shoot! I’ve seen several bloggers and photographers featuring it on their Instagram accounts and it appears so whimsical and almost like it’s straight out of a fairy-tale!

Have you visited Nottingham before? Did you discover any Instagrammable spots?



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