What’s on my Homeware Wish List

Looking for some interiors inspiration? Take a look at what's on my homeware wish list as we prepare to buy our very first house.

With us now reaching the six month mark of saving for a house I’m starting to get slightly itchy feet so I thought it might be the perfect time to pull together a post focused on my interior inspirations and what’s currently sitting on my homeware wish list to help keep me focused on the end goal which hopefully is almost in sight!

Up until now, I have very much been about all about the bright, white interiors with just a hint of rustic wood furniture thrown in to create more of an industrial feel but recently there seems to have been a bit of a shift and I have become extremely drawn to dark walls. I think that they add so much more personality to a room and particularly suit a period property which is what we one day dream of owning. I always thought that dark walls equalled dark rooms but that definitely isn’t always the case with some careful planning and execution.

The gorgeous interiors of What Olivia Did massively inspiring what's on my homeware wish list

(Image credit: What Olivia Did)

Lots of carefully selected artwork is at the top of my wishlist as I want our home to be packed full of personality and curated memories. With that in mind I’ve been scouting out pieces which I feel really suit our tastes and I’m not sure any print could be more me than this one from Oliver Bonas. I mean pancakes AND coffee, does it get anymore perfect?! I can see this fitting in perfectly to my future office!

I’m a real sucker for a bit of background noise, especially now that I work from home so I love nothing more than having a Spotify playlist or the latest podcast series I’m engrossed in playing away throughout the day. The Marshall Wireless Speaker has to be one of the prettiest looking speakers out there and would fit in perfectly amongst our interiors. It has been on my wish list for a good couple of years now so I think with some birthday money I’ve saved it could be the perfect time to finally treat myself!

Megan Ellaby's home is influencing me hugely when it comes to interiors and creating my own homeware wish list

(Image credit: Megan Ellaby)

After attending a neon workshop a couple of months ago with Swatch I am now absolutely obsessed with the idea of adding a custom neon sign to our home. A few weeks ago I discovered the amazing Nailed it by Holly on Instagram who creates gorgeous neon effect signs which make an amazing feature piece within any home. I’m definitely going to be spending some time planning my own custom design to invest in, I’m thinking some meaningful song lyrics would be a good choice!

A custom neon sign is now firmly on my homeware wish list after taking inspiration from Instagram

(Image credit: My London HomeThe Wests Nests)

As I’ve been on the most serious saving ban of my life for the past six months I’m SO exciting for the time to come when I can start picking up little trinkets again to fill our home with. Whilst in London last week, I ‘nipped’ into Anthropologie for a mooch which was a BIG mistake as I wanted to pop practically everything into my basket!

I’m probably most looking forward to adding some new pieces to our kitchenware collection as some of the pieces we currently own are the same ones I picked up before I headed to university eight years ago!  I think it’s probably about time I started to replace some of my cracked pasta bowls and invest in a full set of cutlery as my one remaining fork just isn’t going to cut it anymore!

In terms of furniture we actually already have the vast majority of pieces in storage from our previous rented properties but I do have my eye on adding a couple of new bits and pieces to our new home to help tie it all together. In particular I would love to invest in a new bed (I can’t stop thinking about the Alana Brushed Brass Double from Made.com) as well as a cosy velvet love seat in a bold colour, perhaps maybe green or navy?

My dream is to one day own a love seat from Loaf which is why it is firmly on my homeware wish list!

(Image credit: Loaf)

This post is just the beginning believe me, as soon as we actually buy a house I can guarantee that there will be ALL of the interior content coming your way so get excited!

Do you plan how your future home will look? What’s currently on your homeware wish list?



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