Doughing Crazy for Oscar & Rosie’s Pizza Academy

Take a look at what we got up to on a morning at Oscar & Rosie's Pizza Academy in Nottingham learning how to make our very own pizzas!

Is there a better way to spend a Saturday morning than getting to know an amazing group of girls and learning how to make delicious pizza at one of Nottingham’s best (and cutest) Independents? If so let me know because I can’t possibly think of one!

As part of my role as Bumble’s Queen Bee for Nottingham I’m in charge of organising two events every month so I have to get pretty inventive when it comes to choosing fun and different activities to do! Oscar & Rosie’s are renowned for creating some of the best homemade pizza in Nottingham so when I found out that they hosted pizza academies where you get to learn how to make your own I just knew we had to give it a go!

The gorgeous and totally Instagram-worthy interiors at Oscar & Rosie's in Nottingham.

Not only did we have a super fun afternoon ahead of us but Oscar & Rosie’s also brought some seriously Instagram-worthy interiors with their upstairs workshop space. Full of rustic furniture, fairy lights and cute hanging plants it was the perfect space for a room full of bloggers! I just love the chilled out, relaxed atmosphere that is prevalent throughout Oscar & Rosie’s which makes it the perfect place to stop by for a simple date night or for meeting up with a group of pals.

To add a hint of competitiveness to the morning we were split into four groups and asked to come up with team names, there were some seriously great pizza puns being thrown around including ‘Pizza the Action’, ‘Jesus Crust’ and ‘Wanna Pizza Me’.

The first step in the process was preparing the dough and the pressure was on to make the perfect sized pizza! There was a whole lot of poking, prodding and flipping but luckily we were under the watchful eyes of expert pizza maker Olly (the owner of Oscar & Rosie’s) who gave us some hints and tips on creating the ideal base.

Having a laugh rolling out the dough at Oscar & Rosie's Pizza Academy in Nottingham.

Next it was time for toppings ie. the best part! There were plenty to choose from but I decided to go down a very veggie route with a mixture of peppers, courgettes, mushroom and red onion. It made a very colourful and visually appealing pizza which is definitely what I was going for, it had to be pretty for the photos after all!

The very important task of choosing the toppings at Oscar & Rosie's Pizza Academy in Nottingham.

Then it was time to wave goodbye to our creations whilst they were whisked away to go into the pizza ovens, it was a tense couple of minutes as we waited to be reunited and had the opportunity to do the ultimate taste test.

Whilst the pizzas were away in the kitchen things went a little X Factor as they were judged by the expert chefs on both the quality of the dough and the placement of the toppings. This competition element added a little excitement  to the days events but in the end we were all beyond happy with our own pizzas and thoroughly enjoyed both making AND devouring them!

Are you a foodie who loves pizza? Take a look at what we got up to on a morning at Oscar & Rosie's Pizza Academy in Nottingham learning how to make our very own pizzas!

Overall it was a really lovely morning and the perfect way to have a laugh and get to know an amazing group of girls. I highly recommend booking yourself in to Oscar & Rosie’s Academy to try your hand at pizza making whether it’s as a team building exercise with a group of work colleagues or maybe as a fun activity for a hen party, it’s definitely a fun way to spend a couple of hours!

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Have you ever been to Oscar & Rosie’s? Would you like to try your hand at making your own pizzas?



Author: Jessica

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