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Take a look at What I've Loved in March including books, TV shows and podcasts

See you on the flip-side March!

And that’s another month down, can you believe it?! I’m so excited that April is almost here because that means it’s FINALLY Spring! I’m already absolutely loving the lighter evenings so now the weather just needs to warm up a tad and it will totally be time for picnics, beer gardens and bike rides. MY FAVE.

March has felt like a bit of a slow month work wise and I’ve been struggling a little with my motivation levels but with the promise of longer days, blue skies and getting out of the house more I’m already starting to feel the positive Spring vibes.

I love putting these posts together as it gives me a chance to reflect on the past month and all of the amazing content that I’ve been consuming so go ahead and take a look at what I’ve loved in March!



Once again this month has been a bit of a flop when it comes to reading which I’m pretty disappointed about, I’ve just been so tired come bedtime that picking up a book has been the last thing I’ve wanted to do. I’ve been attempting to get back into Postcards From Greece by Victoria Hislop which I actually started last summer but ended up getting distracted halfway through and putting it to one side. I think I’m so used to reading non-fiction books at the moment that I’m finding it quite hard to get attached to the story but I’m determined to stick it out as I think it’s the perfect book to read in preparation for summer and to give you a serious case of wanderlust!

One book that dropped through my letterbox this morning and I’m hoping will give me the kick up the bum I need is The Miracle Morning by Hal Erod. I’ve heard a lot of people talking about how transformative it is so I’m looking forward to getting stuck into it, maybe even over the bank holiday weekend!



As a fully fledged podcast addict I’m SO excited to have seen a couple of new series emerge this month as I’m always looking for new additions to my subscription list. Most newbies are in my favourite chatty interview style which I just find so easy to listen to whilst I’m working away and they almost make me feel like I’m back in an office setting listening to all of the latest gossip!

The Podmother | Millennial Meets Baby Boomer – Adulting

Dawn French – Happy Place

Internet Dating – The Prosecco Sessions

The Unexpected Business with Rebecca Warriner – Make it Happen

Anna Newton // Dialling it Back – One Girl Band


TV Shows

Over this past month we’ve been enjoying a free trial with Now TV so we’ve been trying our best to make the most of it and give some new shows a go. One that we’ve been pretty addicted to is The Tunnel which is a crime drama centred around British and French detectives who are forced to work together on an cross-channel investigation. We powered through series one which has such a gripping story line and we’ve just made a start on series two which I’m hoping will be just as good!

As a HUGE crime documentary fan I’ve also been giving Girls Incarcerated on Netflix a try which is VERY different to anything else that falls into that same genre. Centred around a group of teenage girls locked up in a juvenile correctional facility, the series documents what their lives are like behind bars. It’s got all of the drama of TOWIE whilst still retaining a serious undertone due to the crimes the girls have committed and their journeys to hopefully turning their lives around. It’s a really interesting insight into a American correctional facility and one that’s definitely worth a watch!


Blog Posts

There have been quite a number of thought provoking posts crop up on the old blogosphere over the past month and I found it extremely difficult to narrow it down to my top five. Topics that resonated with me the most were mainly those centred around blogging/the future of blogs and spending time alone. Both are issues that I’ve spoken about previously so it’s really interesting to hear someone else’s thoughts and opinions on the subjects.

So You Think You Want to be a Full Time Blogger – Beth Sandland

I’m Dedicating More Time to Being Alone and I’m Excited – The Little Plum

My Thoughts on the Slow Demise of Blogging – Hannah Gale

Why You Should Travel Solo Trip At Least Once – Apartment Number 4

Would Life be Easier if I wasn’t a Blogger? – Sartorial Scot



Now I couldn’t possibly talk about my favourites from past month without mentioning something that I’ve been absolutely obsessed with and that is, hot cross buns…In the lead up to Easter I’ve been making it my mission to try as many of the various flavours that are out in the supermarkets at the moment and up until now my favourite has got to be the Marks & Spencer Blueberry hot cross buns.  So moist (ew) and so tasty, I’ll definitely be picking up a pack to enjoy over the Easter weekend and once lent is over maybe I’ll even give the salted caramel and chocolate ones a try too because they sound delish!


I hope you all had a lovely month and have an absolutely splendid Easter weekend indulging in all of the chocolate!


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