What I’ve Loved in February | Books, TV & Podcasts

Rounding up my favourites from the month and showcasing all the things I've loved in February

Ta-Ta for now February!

Wow, well that came around super fast didn’t it? I don’t feel like I’ve even had chance to try out anything new in the space of time since writing my January round-up post! February’s been a busy month what with celebrating Pancake Day, Galentine’s, Valentine’s, family birthdays, organising my two Bumble events and all in the space of twenty-eight days, phew! That said, I have of course still been spending time listening to podcasts and catching up with blogs posts so here’s a selection of some of the things I’ve been loving in February…



I’ve not been doing too well with my reading goal this month and haven’t even managed to make it through one entire book which is a tad pitiful. But I bet you can guess what I have had my head stuck into can’t you? It is of course the amazing Dolly Alderton’s debut novel Everything I Know About Love. I’m honestly not sure there’s ever been a book I’ve related to more, from the rules and etiquette involved in MSN conversations to the silly drunken nights out during University I think it’s an absolute must read for any gals around my age. I can guarantee you’ll be chuckling to yourself throughout and I for one love that whenever Dolly now mentions her friends throughout The High Low I know who shes talking about and can recall all of the funny stories she’s shared about them.

For March there’s one book that is right at the top of my reading list and that is of course The F Word by Lily Pebbles which I can’t wait to pick up and devour as it feels like it’s been a long old wait since the announcement to the release date!



I am SO excited that there’s been a number of new podcasts to hit iTunes this month including a surprise announcement from Olivia Purvis and Charlotte Jacklin about their podcast The Fringe Of It which I’ve been absolutely loving! If you’re a fan too then definitely join the Facebook group that’s been set up alongside it as its packed full of inspirational women all sharing their stories and simply having a good old natter!

Most of my choices are all weekly podcasts so its safe to say I’ve been loving each and every episode but I’ve managed to narrow it down and pick out just one favourite below to get you going!

The Fringe Of It – Discussing Friendship

Love Stories – With Cosmo Landesman

Keeping it Candid – How to Get More Instagram Likes

The Lifestyle Edit – How to Use PR & Partnerships to Generate Sales with Jess Sims

SEO with Mrs Ghost – NoFollow Links with Jen Thorne

One Girl Band – Lucy Sheridan // Overcoming Comparison



Again, this month hasn’t been a particularly TV heavy month but we’ve definitely used the cold weather as an excuse to get stuck into a few more series than we did in January. Up first was Manhunt: Unabomber, which is a Netflix miniseries focused on the story of the FBI’s hunt for a serial killer in the 1990s. As you probably already know I’m a BIG fan of a crime show so this was right up my street!

We also FINALLY got around to watching Big Little Lies which has been on my list for the longest time and I absolutely loved it. It’s almost like Desperate Housewives meets The O.C and I have to say that I definitely have a bit of a new found girl crush on Reese Witherspoon, I’m already waiting in anticipation for any updates on season two!


Blog Posts

I slipped a little this month on my new years resolution to engage more in the blogging community but I have still managed the odd blog post catch up here and there. Here’s a little rundown of some of my favourite posts from the February that have really resonated with me.

My Journey to (Enjoying) Full-Time Blogging – Twins That Travel

Welcoming in a New Chapter – Apartment Number 4

Time Flies – Little Winter

I’ve Stopped Looking For The Perfect Balance Because I’m Not Sure it Exists – The Little Plum

Getting a Mortgage When Self-Employed or Freelance – Coco’s Tea Party

In Defence of Being Boring – Dizzy Brunette


So there we go, another month ticked off and on to the next! Hopefully March might start to signal the start of Spring as I know we’re all desperate for a bit of sun!


What have you been loving throughout February? Whether it’s books, podcasts, TV shows, I’d love to hear!


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