Grab a Slice of the Action at Happy Dough Lucky, Nottingham

I headed to try out the newest addition to Nottingham's foodie scene, Happy Dough Lucky

Last week I was invited down to check out the latest addition to Nottingham’s foodie scene, Happy Dough Lucky. An exciting new pop up pizza and dessert concept housed in The Lacehouse. If you too want to grab a slice of the action you’ll have to be quick as they’re only sticking around for twelve weeks!

Inspired by their totally dreamy travels around Italy the guys at Happy Dough Lucky are super passionate about bringing the freshest Neapolitan pizzas and the most indulgent desserts direct to Nottingham. As someone who has never been to Naples it’s safe to say I was pretty excited about the prospect of trying an authentic slice of pizza!

The setting has a really chilled out, relaxed vibe which perfectly reflects that of Italy’s slightly slower foodie culture. The walls are plastered with Polaroids from their journey across Italy which brings a real sense of personality and passion to the place. And of course it wouldn’t a true Lace Market venue without a few cool light boxes and neon signs thrown in to help bring the interior to life!

I honestly don’t think we could have had a warmer welcome and we were made to feel so at ease, granted the service was a tad slower than I had hoped for as I hadn’t eaten since lunch time but it didn’t really matter too much as the staff were so friendly and eager to share the story behind Happy Dough Lucky with us.

Trying out the tasty starters on offer at Happy Dough Lucky, Nottingham


As we had an 8pm slot I was absolutely ravenous by the time we were seated so some sharing starters were exactly what we needed to keep us going until it was time for the main event. We were presented with a tray of chilli chips which despite the fact that I’m a total wimp when it comes to spice I found deliciously more-ish even if my mouth did need extinguishing by the end!

The dough balls were pretty much everything you hope for in a dough ball. Delightfully doughy, sumptuously soft and gorgeously garlicky. The perfect taster for what to expect with our main course!

Trying out the delicious anti-pasti board at Happy Dough Lucky, Nottingham

We also got the chance to try out the anti-pasti board which was perfect for picking at as we patiently waited to order our mains. The sharer came complete with olives, artichoke, courgette, bread sticks and my favourite by a mile, the sundried tomatoes which were absolutely packed full of flavour.

Trying out the delicious homemade pizzas from Happy Dough Lucky, Nottingham.


So finally it was time to try a slice of the much hyped pizza and I feel like it came with it’s own personal drum-roll. Was I worried it wouldn’t live up to the promises? Slightly! Did it? Definitely!

So there were six variations of pizza to choose from and I decided to go for number 1 which included courgette ribbons, artichoke, pesto, sundried tomato and mozzarella. The team pride themselves on the fact that their dough is always rested for at least 48 hours to give it a deep flavour and I can confirm that all that waiting is definitely worth it! Such gorgeously tasty dough which perfectly compliments the delicious combination of topping flavours. Again the tomatoes were a real highlight, the sauce was packed full of the freshest flavour and definitely one of the tastiest I’ve ever tried.

Embarrassingly, none of us managed to finish our pizzas but I think we secretly just wanted to make them last as long as possible so we all boxed up our leftovers and took them away to save for lunch the next day!

Tasting the delicious desserts from Happy Dough Lucky, Nottingham


By a cruel twist of fate I’ve actually given up chocolate for lent so when it came to dessert time it was honestly PURE TORTURE! On offer was a Nutella and Ricotta doughnut and a Kinder Chocolate Pot, I mean seriously?! It’s almost as if someone had delved into my mind, found out what my favourite dessert was and presented it to me at a time when I couldn’t eat it. HOW UNFAIR?!

Luckily I didn’t stay disappointing for too long though as one thing I could eat on the menu was the homemade salted caramel gelato which had been prepped a mere half an hour earlier. I can hand on heart say that this was the BEST ice cream I’ve probably ever tried and would honestly go back just for another pot. And you best believe I’m going to be heading back to try the other desserts too come Easter weekend!

I had such a great evening at Happy Dough Lucky thanks to all of the amazing and welcoming staff and of course the totally delicious food. I’ll be surprised if we don’t see them sticking around long after their twelve week pop up as they’ve proved to be so popular!


Where is your favourite place for pizza in Nottingham? Will you be checking out Happy Dough Lucky?



Author: Jessica

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