Nottingham Bumble BFF Brunch Event

Hosting my very first Bumble BFF event in Nottingham

If you read last weeks post you’ll have seen that I’ve recently been crowned Bumble’s Queen Bee for Nottingham which basically means organising two super fun events every month in the city. Hard job, right? So last Sunday I invited a group of twenty lovely local bloggers down to Blend in the recently renovated Sneiton market area for a Bumble BFF brunch! It seemed only right to base the first event around one of my favourite activities and everyone knows I love a good brunch!

I invited a mixture of girls I’ve met previously at blogger events and some who I haven’t had a chance to meet yet and it was SO lovely to get the chance to just chat and catch up. Being bloggers we all immediately had things in common to talk about and pretty much got on like a house on fire! A lot of us commented on how hard it is to meet people once you’ve left education so I’m so happy that I’m able to organise events like these which aim to do just that!

My very first Bumble BFF event in Nottingham

I went ALL out on making the table look as Instagrammable as possible with a mixture of gorgeous fresh flowers and cute Bumble merchandise. The yellow theme went perfectly with the bright and airy feel that Blend has making it the perfect venue for bloggers wanting to take pictures. I was especially pleased with the last minute addition of the inspirational framed Beyonce quotes which went down very well!

A delicious brunch served at the first Bumble BFF event in Nottingham

And after all of that photo taking it was time for the food! We were treated to a delicious spread of pastries, homemade granola with yoghurt and fruit and finally a cheese and meat board which was served with some seriously gorgeous freshly baked bread. And is it even a bloggers brunch if there isn’t an abundance of perfectly poured coffee to take endless Instagram pictures of? I definitely recommend heading down to Blend if you’re from Nottingham as it’s the perfect place to head to for a spot of breakfast and a good quality coffee at the weekend!

A big big thank you to everyone who came along and supported me for my first event and if you’re based in Nottingham and interested in coming along to any future events be sure to join the Facebook group which will have all of the up to date info!


Author: Jessica

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