I’ve Been Crowned a Bumble Queen Bee!

I've been crowned the Bumble Queen Bee for Nottingham! Come and find out what my new role consists of!

Bumble is about creating new connections. It’s social networking for people you haven’t met yet. Whether it’s for dates, meeting friends or growing your network, you can use Bumble to make empowered connections! Life’s short. Make the first move.

So if you follow me over on Instagram you might have seen that I made a pretty exciting announcement at the start of this month. I’ve been chosen by Bumble to be their representative ‘Queen Bee’ for Nottingham! Now I know what you might be thinking, but Jess, I thought you were in a relationship? Well yes I am! But Bumble is SO much more than just a dating app, it’s all about empowering women and making meaningful connections. So whether you’re looking to find dates, find your girl gang with Bumble BFF or grow your network with Bumble Bizz there’s something for everyone!

My role as Queen Bee means spreading the Bumble message across Nottingham through hosting two super fun FREE events every month and encouraging attendees to make these valuable connections. So with everything from weekend brunches to cocktail making classes, yoga sessions to crafting afternoons there’s going to be such a wide variety of events happening that there’s guaranteed to be something you’ll want to get stuck into!

I've been crowned a Bumble Queen Bee for Nottingham!

As someone who only moved to Nottingham a year ago so is still considered a relative newbie, Bumble BFF was an idea that really appealed to me. It can be really difficult to meet like-minded people, especially at my age once you’ve left University and tend to rely on the circle of friends you already have. So that’s where something like Bumble BFF comes in as it allows you to create connections you probably otherwise wouldn’t have had the opportunity to make and meet gals in your city with similar interests to you.

I actually held my very first Bumble BFF event last Sunday which was a bloggers brunch held at Blend Coffee Shop in Nottingham. It went SO well, everyone who came along said they had a great time and some new friends were definitely made which was lovely to see. I’ll be writing about the event in more detail super soon so keep your eyes peeled for that!

I’m ridiculously excited about this new chapter in my life and feel so lucky to have been given the opportunity by Bumble to grow my own little Nottingham girl gang. If you live around the Nottingham area be sure to keep a look out for my future events which I’m sure will be promoted over on my Twitter and Instagram!


Photography : Rhys Herbert  


Author: Jessica

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