5 Things You Simply Have to do in Mykonos

Planning a summer trip? Take a look at my top 5 recommendations of things to do in Mykonos that totally made our holiday!

So it feels like an actual lifetime since we were back in Mykonos, sipping on cocktails and enjoying the sunshine but I’ve been dying to share what we got up to over our amazing seven days! There were some serious highlights which I think completely made our trip so if you’re heading to Mykonos anytime soon you’d better pop these on your to-do list!


Visit the Cine Manto

Our first evening on the island might just have been my favourite, it really did start the holiday off with a bang! Before we headed away Adam looked into special things we could do in Mykonos to celebrate my birthday which was the week before, he found that there was an outdoor cinema and on the first night we were there they were showing La La Land. Somehow, don’t ask me how when it stars Ryan Gosling but I hadn’t got around to watching it yet so this was the perfect time for my first viewing! Located in the middle of Mykonos Town the Cine Manto is a hidden gem, after making your way through the entrance it opens out into an amazing forest hideaway. With a cinema screen and seating area set up as well as a restaurant and gorgeous dining area this really was the perfect place to spend an evening. I absolutely loved La La Land and think it complimented the scenery amazingly, I left feeling just about ready to spontaneously break out into song and dance throughout Mykonos’ picture perfect streets. The film shown at Cine Manto changes every couple of day I think so there’s always likely to be something that takes your fancy and at 9 euros each it was an absolute bargain!

Planning a summer trip? Take a look at my top 5 recommendations of things to do in Mykonos that totally made our holiday including wandering around the cobbled streets

Get lost in the windy streets

Despite heading into the town almost everyday on our second to last night we discovered an entire street that we hadn’t managed to walk down yet, and that is just the beauty of Mykonos! Wandering around the beautiful streets, bobbing in and out of shops and taking in the scenery is one of the best ways to spend your time there. We got to grips with the main layout of the town and were able to find our way around but there always seemed to be a restaurant or bar that would crop up that we hadn’t noticed before! Oh, and you’ll find some pretty amazing photo opportunities if you head off the beaten track a little!

Things to do in Mykonos 4

Hire a quad bike and explore the beaches

So you don’t necessarily need to hire a quad bike for this one but we did and I can confirm it was a LOT of fun! We deliberated doing it for the majority of our holiday and when it got to the second to last day we decided to stop the worrying and just go for it! We’d been told by my family to visit Panormos beach which is on the north of the island so this was a good way to get there. It was about a 15 minute drive from our hotel and the roads were pretty straightforward. The beach was stunning and featured some of the bluest water I think I’ve ever seen, the only down side was the wind. I mean my hat wouldn’t stay on my head, my towel wouldn’t stay on the floor and we nearly lost our books to the water several times. This meant we didn’t end up staying as long as we’d have liked but it’s just a word of warning. We probably could have helped ourselves by getting sunbeds at the restaurant on the beach or going on a different day but oh well! You live and you learn!


Watch the sunset at Little Venice

One of the most famous and picture perfect locations in Mykonos is without a doubt Little Venice, with its numerous bars and restaurants which hang out over the water you can see why it draws in such a crowd every evening. We headed into town about 45 minutes before sunset one day and it was so bustling we were worried we might have left it too late, we ended up striking gold as one of the bars had an upstairs balcony with two seats free so we had an amazing view. The bar was called Galleraki and did some pretty delicious cocktails too. It was an amazing experience to watch the sun set right in front of us in such an idyllic location and is a memory I’ll cherish forever.

Things to do in Mykonos 5

Spend the evening at Sunset 180 Bar

On our final evening we knew we had to plan something special, although I wasn’t sure how on earth we were going to top the previous six nights! I’d seen someone on Instagram posting about the 180º Sunset Bar and the views looked insane so I knew we just HAD to visit! Now, I’ll warn you that the walk up there is a little on the steep side (and that might be an understatement) but it was totally worth it. We arrived about 45 minutes before sunset (which is key if you want to nab a good seat), ordered some cocktails and soaked up the atmosphere. It was such a chilled vibe with cushions and seats on the floor, relaxing background music and not to mention the gorgeous scenery. It was the perfect location to experience our final sunset on the island and 100% has the best views of Mykonos Town, totally unmissable!

If you’re planning a trip to Mykonos or it’s on your travel bucket list I hope this list is helpful and gives you some ideas of what the island has to offer!

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Have you visited Mykonos before? Do you have any must-do activities?


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5 things to do in Mykonos


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