Redefining Your Personal Style

personal style

Fashion is an area that I’ve always had a passion for, I’ve read fashion magazines since I was a teen and got into fashion blogs in my early twenties but do I consider myself fashionable? Probably not…

Personal style is something that I’ve started to think about a lot more recently and I’ve started to examine my own wardrobe in great detail. Over the past year I’ve been very good at downsizing and either selling or giving away items that I no longer wear but what I haven’t been so good at is replacing these pieces. What thats left me with is a pretty sparse wardrobe. Recently, before a night out my roomie asked if she could have a look in my wardrobe for a top to wear and she was extremely shocked at the lack of clothes I actually had in there. That was a bit of a wake up call, I need to start reinvesting and filling up my wardrobe with pieces I love again.

One of the main reasons I’ve avoided buying new clothes this past year or so, truth be told, is that I feel a little lost with my personal style. I just don’t seem to have that same buzz I used to get when I’d see something I like, or it happens very infrequently anyway. I feel like I’ve reached a real fork in the road where I am able to take stock and reassess my clothing choices.

If I was forced to pick one word to describe my style I would most likely choose comfortable. With my office dress code being super casual, most days I find myself opting for a t-shirt or jumper, jeans and trainers. I’m even getting too lazy to wear boots! I try to make more of an effort to piece together outfits at the weekend but there’s still very few occasions where I tend to really dress up.

To help move ahead with my personal style re-evaluation I’ve created a plan focusing on the steps I’ll making over the next week or so to help get on the right path.


Have a proper wardrobe clear out

So I’ve had a couple of these recently but this time I’m getting ruthless, anything I haven’t worn in the past couple of months (with the exception of summer clothes which I’ve hidden away in a drawer) will either be going on Depop or taken to the charity shop. With a further refined wardrobe I’ll be able to clearly spot the gaps and make way for new pieces.


Gain inspiration

For wardrobe inspiration there’s one place I’ll head and that’s Pinterest. I’m going to start creating new boards packed full of outfit inspiration so I can begin to decide the direction I want to go with my new wardrobe additions.


Plan items to add to my wardrobe

I’ve started to create a list of the wardrobe staples I’m lacking as I think that will be a good place to start with my overhaul. Pieces such as a new leather jacket, blue jeans and some flat boots are high on my priority list!


Research good quality wardrobe staples

Rather than buying cheap items which aren’t the best quality and don’t have the longest lives I really want to start investing in higher quality pieces even if it means spending a little more. Jeans are a great example of this, I’ve been buying Topshop Leigh or Jamie jeans for probably six years now and I seriously dread to think how many pairs I’ve bought over that time. Instead of simply sticking to what I know because it’s easier I want to step out of the box and try something new!


Do you have any opinions on personal style or tips on how to develop your own?



Author: Jessica

I’m Jess, a twenty-six year old self diagnosed Instagram and brunch addict. Whilst browsing Jess Who expect to find a hint of relatable personal style, Pinterest-worthy interiors, drool-worthy food and all of the latest happenings in Nottingham!