What I’ll be Adding to my Autumn/Winter Wardrobe

Autumn/Winter Wardrobe

Vans/ Jumpsuit / Jumper / Shirt Dress / Rucksack / Cami Dress / Scarf / Pumps / Shirt Dress

As the weather has gradually become cooler over the past couple of weeks I’ve noticed that my wardrobe is pretty lacking in items to keep me warm. I’ve done a number of clear out’s since last winter and have become pretty strict with parting with items I no longer love, it just seems I forgot about the part where I’m supposed to replace said items! I mean this isn’t really a hardship, it basically just means that the odd online order is totally justified!

ASOS is basically the only place I shop online anymore mainly because I’m too stingy to pay delivery from anywhere else and too impatient to wait any longer than a day for it to arrive, so here’s just a few things I hope to pick up over the next couple of weeks.


What’s on your Autumn/Winter wishlist?



Author: Jessica

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