The Impact of Social Media & FOMO

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Do you ever find yourself scrolling through Twitter or Instagram and wishing your life was as exciting as those you see played out on social media? Do you ever find yourself falling victim to FOMO (the fear of missing out, for my Mum who will doubt be reading this!) due to the part social media plays in our lives? Yeah, don’t worry, you aren’t alone…

So last weekend was the first one in forever that I didn’t have any plans scribbled into my diary and secretly, I was really looking forward to it. Adam and my other roomies were away for the weekend so I had the whole house to myself and I planned to have some serious ME time. I woke up late, devoured some breakfast in bed whilst catching up on my YouTube subscription box and spent the rest of the day pottering about the house. I planned to have a cosy evening in with films, fairy lights, blankets and snacks (ASDA pizza and McVitie’s caramel nibbles just FYI) and just as I started to settle down on the sofa I pulled out my phone and did my regular (hourly) social media check and found that suddenly I didn’t feel so great about my evening in alone. It seemed that everyone else was out having the time of their lives whilst I sat in my pj’s eagerly awaiting the timer to go off so I could get stuck into my ham and pineapple pizza…

Now I get it, not everything is as it seems on social media. Not everyone will have gone out on that Saturday night and had the best time ever and raved about it until Monday lunch time when their work colleagues begged them to shut up about it but this is the power that social media has over us. We see something online and suddenly we aren’t content with what we have anymore, it’s always as though you could be doing more, doing better and to be honest, it’s a little exhausting. Social media is so curated nowadays that a lot of the things you’re seeing aren’t evening happening in the present time which I’m guilty of doing too, I mean you can’t go wasting that cute cocktail picture from two weeks ago that you forgot about but the point is that these channels aren’t particularly reliable or even relatable anymore.

That evening I tried my best to not let it get me down and enjoy my quiet night in but I found it was constantly at the back on my mind and I questioned why I let something so trivial have such a hold over me. It feels as though social media is all about proving yourself, proving how fun or exciting your life is and that’s what I think got to me most that evening. That I didn’t have anything to show for my weekend, that to the outside world nothing I’d done was worthy of a Instagram photo…

Before social media we were able to simply enjoy being in the moment, not document every single aspect of our days or have to know exactly what all 686 people I follow on Instagram are doing. I think there’s a real balance to be struck between consuming content and actually creating or even living it, and at the moment it feels like the balance has been lost. As we get more and more consumed with the online world and social media I think this issue is only to grow so I’m determined to take a stand now before it gets too late.  Perhaps it’s just me taking the whole thing too seriously but next time I’m looking forward to a weekend in alone I think I’ll be leaving my phone well out of site to avoid the possibility of spending my evening suffering from FOMO.


Has social media ever made you feel like this before? I’d love to hear from you!



Author: Jessica

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