The £6 Denim Skirt Wardrobe Staple

Body – Topshop
Skirt – New Look
Espadrilles – River Island

I’m not usually one for sale shopping but when all the hard work is done for you and you simply spot a link on Twitter it would be rude not to follow it now wouldn’t it?! And when I saw that this beauty of a skirt was a mere £6 it went straight in my basket! A denim skirt is such a wardrobe staple and this one has a slight twist to it with the wrap detail which makes it that little bit more interesting.

I kept the rest of the outfit simple with one of my other favourite wardrobe staples of the moment – the wrap front Topshop body. So flattering and one of those real confident boosting items of clothing that I now want to pick up in every single colour!

Despite finding pretty much the perfect photo location with a row of the cutest colourful houses these pictures were an absolute nightmare to shoot what with the direct overhead sun! But check me out with that pretty amazing depth of field…Doing outfit photos makes me so happy that I splashed out and picked up the 45mm  lens for my Olympus Pen when you can create such amazing photos with minimal expertise in photography (great when your bf is the one roped in to take photos of you prancing around in the street).


Have you picked up any bargains in the sales?



Author: Jessica

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