5 Positive Reasons to Keep on Blogging

Ever feel like running a blog is too much like hard work and means you have to sacrifice a lot? Check out my top 5 positive reasons to keep blogging!

So over the past couple of weeks I feel like I’ve been having a bit of a crisis of confidence with blogging. After taking a bit of a break from posting whilst I spent time working on my new blog design I’ve found myself asking the question ‘why do I actually blog?’ on several occasions. Sometimes it’s a difficult questions to answer when you only have a blog with a small following; you find yourself questioning whether what you are doing is actually worth while, if anyone is actually reading and if anyone would even realise if one day you simply stopped posting content…

Although I think these are all valid questions for me at the moment when I began to seriously think about stopping blogging it made me a little sad. I’m not ready to give up this little space that I’ve built up over the last couple of years so I began to put together a list to remind myself of some of the main reasons why I first decided to start blogging.


Blogging Allows You to be Creative

One of the main reasons I set up my blog in the first place was because I really craved having a creative outlet after finishing University. Blogging filled this gap as it allows me to combine several of my main interests of photography and writing. When I look back at how the blog has progressed over the past couple of years it definitely fills me with a sense of pride at seeing what I have created.


Blogging Forces You to be Productive

If I weren’t to have a blog I’m not really too sure what I would spend my free time doing…Sure I would probably end up sitting around watching even more YouTube or re-watching Gossip Girl for the millionth time but in terms of anything productive I think my schedule would be pretty lacking! Running a blog alongside working full time forces you to plan out your free time and really make the most of every hour.


Blogging Provides You with New Experiences

Whether that be attending events and meeting other bloggers, being sent to review restaurants or hotels or simply being sent some new products to try, blogging opens a number of doors that you perhaps otherwise wouldn’t have had the access to. Of course blogging is most definitely not about receiving free things and that’s definitely not a reason to carry on with your blog but after over two years of blogging it was a nice feeling to finally feel like my hard work was being recognised when I began to receive exciting emails that led to new experiences!


Blogging Allows You to Develop Your Skills

I can 100% say that my blog got me my current job, it acted as an online portfolio and backed up all the statements I made throughout my interview. If you’re looking to get a job in digital marketing then having your own blog is a great way to show you are passionate about the subject area outside of your working 9-5. Through running my own blog I feel like I am constantly developing my skills not only in writing and photography but in areas such as PR, marketing and blogger relations as well. These are all skills which I can then implement into my day to day role.


Blogging is a Way to Document Your Life

One of the main reasons I love having a blog is that I can look back at it in years to come and it will serve as an online diary. There’s been many big parts of my life shared on Jess Who, with everything from graduating to getting my first job to moving out so it’s great to be able to look back at all of these moments and experience again my thoughts and feelings.


After putting down all the reasons why I choose to blog I feel much more positive about how it’s a great use of my free time and how I’m definitely not at the point were I’m feeling ready to give it up.
I hope you found this post useful, especially if you’re feeling a little on the down side about blogging at the moment too. We’ve all got to all stick together and motivate one another after all!


Author: Jessica

I’m Jess, a twenty-six year old self diagnosed Instagram and brunch addict. Whilst browsing Jess Who expect to find a hint of relatable personal style, Pinterest-worthy interiors, drool-worthy food and all of the latest happenings in Nottingham!