Travel Bucket List Top Five

Starting to plan your summer holiday? Take a look at my travel bucket list and the top five places I'd love to tick off including America, Greece and Thailand.

Adam and I are currently in the midst of planning this year’s holiday, the only problem is, we can’t quite decide where we want to go…I’ve got it in my head that I want to do a ‘big’ holiday this year, somewhere I haven’t been before, somewhere far away, somewhere exciting. There’s a couple of places that are right at the top of my bucket list so I thought I’d talk you through them and hopefully you might be able to give me some advice and help me choose where to go!


New York

I’ve wanted to visit New York for the longesttt time now (a slight Friends and Gossip Girl obsession probably didn’t help with this) but never seemed to quite find my way across the pond. The ultimate in city breaks it would be amazing to spend a whole week exploring and getting to grips what The Big Apple has to offer. With everything from taking a stroll through Central Park to watching a basketball game to visiting the steps at the Met and pretending to be Blair Waldorf I just imagine it would be the most action packed, fun filled holiday. My only question is would I rather visit in the summer and be able to have picnic’s in the park or the winter and get wrapped up and go ice skating? Probably both lets be serious…



A California road trip has been right at the top of my bucket list for years now, cruising down the highway (preferably in a cool convertible) making stop off’s at San Francisco, Santa Barbara, San Diego and L.A is my absolute dream. This one won’t be cheap though and requires a heck of a lot of planning which is probably why I haven’t tackled it as of yet. I’d love to hear if any of you have done a similar trip and have got any hints and tips on how to go about organising such a big adventure!



I absolutely fell in love with Greece when I visited Crete a couple of years ago, I just loved the laid back lifestyle, white washed buildings, clear blue seas and delicious food. Ever since then I’ve been dreaming of visiting the beautiful Greek islands of Santorini or Mykonos as I think they may be the most picturesque destinations ever. Ideally a Greek island hopping holiday would be the ultimate dream.



I’ve visited Florida twice before now but it’s on my bucket list to head back as I’d love to go with Adam and show him why it’s so amazing! Not the most grown up holiday destination but what’s better than pretending you’re a kid again for two whole weeks?! Me and Adam went to Disneyland Paris last year which kinda sparked the excitement and had us wanting to book an Orlando holiday straight away. I didn’t actually go to Disney last time I visited either so I imagine there’s quite a few new attractions to see!



With beautiful beaches and amazing scenery, island hopping in Thailand seems like a must do on any travel bucket list. When researching Thailand some of the photographs don’t even seem real as they are just beyond picturesque, it would be amazing to witness some of these sights first hand. I think this would be a really good mix of a holiday with plenty of exploring to do as well of plenty of relaxing by the beach, the perfect combination!


I’d love to hear any words of wisdom if you’ve visited any of my top travel picks or if there’s anywhere you’ve been to that you think should be included in my travel bucket list!


Author: Jessica

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