SEO Services

After running my own lifestyle blog for four years alongside holding several roles within digital marketing (including a stint in an SEO agency) it’s fair to say that I now know a thing or two about how to utilise SEO to it’s full traffic driving potential.

If you need a hand making sense of SEO there are a couple of services I provide which you might find useful.

The SEO Audit

Does SEO boggle your mind? Want to find out if you could be doing more when it comes to optimising your blog?

I offer an in-depth SEO audit package for bloggers which looks at key areas you could improve to help boost your rankings and drive more traffic to your site.

Within this audit I will perform the following tasks:

– Check for any major problems which could be holding your site back

– Uncover any on-site problems which can be easily fixed

– Analyse your organise search traffic to highlight areas of improvement

– Backlink analysis

– Content audit to determine the most successful types of content

Ongoing SEO Management

If meta descriptions, alt tags and SEO titles aren’t your thing why not let me work alongside you to improve the optimisation of your blog and get you shooting up those Google rankings!

Working together on a monthly basis means that I can go back through your entire blogging archive to improve your posts which will in turn save you a LOT of time.

Here’s what is included within my monthly maintenance package:

– Breakdown of your best performing posts based on ranking keywords

– Improvements to blog posts including updating SEO titles, meta descriptions, alt tags etc.

– Monthly check-ins to report on progress and highlight improvements

If you’re interested in booking in for an SEO audit or for ongoing SEO maintenance please get in touch to discuss your requirements in more detail.

Get in touch via the contact page or drop me an email to to find out more!