5 of the Best Shows to Watch on Netflix This Month

Looking for a new TV series to get stuck into? Check out my suggestions of 5 of the Best Shows to Watch on Netflix This Month

With me taking an unofficial couple of days off from work last week it left me with a little bit more extra time than normal to get stuck into some new TV series. For any other fellow Netflix addicts out there I’ve rounded up five of the most gripping shows to get sink your teeth into this month but be prepared to wave goodbye to your evenings and become temporarily attached to your sofa!



This one had me hooked from the very first episode and if you too are a fan of a cliffhanger then you’re going to absolutely love this. Centred around life within a gated community, Safe focuses on a father’s search for his missing daughter which is made all the more mysterious by the secrets that gradually emerge from the residents of the neighbourhood. With twists and turns throughout it’s one of those that will have you shouting at your TV screen at the end of every episode, oh and prepare yourself for the final episode. It’s guaranteed to blow your socks off!


Evil Genius

Loved Making a Murder? Then Evil Genius is going to be right up your street! Described as ‘the true story of America’s most diabolical bank robbery’ the documentary focuses on the death of a pizza delivery man who may or may not have been a hostage forced to commit the crime. As the episodes progress and you learn about other potential suspects the story starts to unwind before your eyes and you come to learn about how the individuals are connected. A total binge-fest with only four hour-long episodes you won’t be judged if you plough through them in just one evening!


The Defiant Ones

Definitely not my usual cup of tea as I wouldn’t say that I’m a necessarily a big rap or hip-hop fan but I found this four-part documentary focused on the friendship between the two music legends, Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine absolutely fascinating. The Defiant Ones follows the career progression of both megastars from the ground up and features some amazing guest appearances from the likes of Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Bruce Springsteen and Bono. You gain some incredible insight into the music industry, much of which I had absolutely no idea about in particular the rise of gangsta rap. It’s an absolute must-see for both music lovers and non music lovers alike!


November 13 Attack on Paris

A hard hitting three-part documentary based on the terrorist attacks that occurred in Paris in 2015, this isn’t an easy watch but I think it’s an incredibly important piece of film which highlights the tragic events of that fateful day. November 13 Attack on Paris focuses on the timeline of events and features personal stories from both survivors, emergency services and government officials. Not one to take on lightly but an incredibly insightful documentary which highlights the kindness and bravery that emerged from the horrendous events of that day and does restore your faith in humanity.


The Staircase

I’ve spoken about this case before within my 5 Most Addictive True Crime Podcasts post but this month the 2004 documentary, The Staircase comes to Netflix and if you haven’t seen it yet then now is the perfect time to catch up! Exploring the case of Michael Peterson and his wife Kathleen who mysteriously died after falling down the stairs in their home in 2001, the documentary attempts to examine whether it was a tragic accident or in fact pre-meditated murder.  A gripping story which is totally suited for binge-watching but don’t worry – if like me you have already seen it there are also now three brand-new episodes to sink your teeth into!


Are you a Netflix addict too? Do you have any recommendations for shows to get stuck into?




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