5 Ways to Feel Refreshed After a Busy Week

Going through a busy period? Check out my 5 Ways to Feel Refreshed After a Busy Week

Nowadays we all lead such busy lives, whether it’s a demanding day job, a jam packed social schedule or a time consuming hobby I bet we’ve all had occasions when we’ve looked forward to bedtime from the moment that dreaded morning alarm goes off…

After a busy period there’s a number of things I try to do to regain some balance and leave myself feeling more refreshed and ready to tackle a new week.


Eat Well and Get Regular Exercise

A key factor in feeling refreshed is to make sure that you’re fuelling your body the best you can and moving as much as possible. Now I’m no fitness expert but since I started to implement more regular exercise into my schedule last year I’ve definitely seen and felt the benefits. A morning workout leaves me feeling more energised for the day whereas an evening workout leaves me feeling suitably tired and ready to start winding down for bed. I tend to plan in advance and schedule a couple of each throughout the week to mix things up a little!

Eating goes hand in hand with exercising and when my diet consists of more of the good stuff this of course means my body is functioning more efficiently too. In the past I was prone to skipping meals but now I make sure to plan my day around three solid meals. Cooking in the evening can also be a great stress reliever and the perfect way to wind down after a busy day!


Set Aside Some Time For You

Even throughout the most hectic of periods finding time for yourself is crucial. Once a week I tend to dedicate a whole evening to indulging in some serious pampering with everything from exfoliating to tanning to painting my nails. I’ve started really looking forward to this little ritual as it always totally refreshes me and leaves me basically feeling like a whole new woman.

If pampering isn’t necessarily your thing don’t worry, there’s heaps of other activities that are perfect for dedicating time for yourself. Whether it’s popping on Netflix and getting stuck into that TV series you’ve been meaning to watch for ages, diving into that stack of magazines that have been building up on the coffee table or maybe even catching up on the latest posts from your favourite bloggers, choose an activity that YOU enjoy and use it as an opportunity to escape from your busy day-to-day life.

Feeling run down? Check out my 5 go-to ways to feel more refreshed after a busy week including using This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray

Prepare Your Environment

When it comes to bedtime it’s crucial to spend some time setting the scene and creating an environment which promotes a good nights sleep. I usually do this by dimming the lights, lighting some candles, and dosing my pillow in This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray. Any product that is clinically proven to help you fall asleep faster and wake up feeling more refreshed is a winner in my book and who can resist giving it a go when 97% of people said they slept better after using it! I’ve been absolutely loving the gorgeous lavender and camomile scent that fills the bedroom every evening after using it and even Adam has been open to a spray or two on his pillow…

I’ve also been teaming the pillow spray with the Limited Edition This Works Deep Sleep Shower Gel which is just perfect for washing away any stresses from the day and preparing your body for a good nights sleep. The pair of products work in perfect harmony to help both the mind and body wind down after a hectic day and leave you feeling ready to slip off into a stress-free slumber!


Wind Down Before Bed

At least an hour before bed I like to start the wind down process which basically consists of ditching anything that could be a potential stress or anxiety inducer. That means that my phone goes on silent, is put out of reach and is instead replaced by whatever I’m currently reading.

I am trying my best to get away from screen time before bed as I spend so much of my day online but occasionally if I’ve had a particularly stressful day and I’m not quite feeling in the mood to read then I’ll watch an episode of something or a vlog from one of my favourite YouTubers as I actually find them quite soothing. It’s a work in a progress to get to zero screen time!

Lead a hectic life? Whether it's a demanding day job, jam packed social schedule or a time consuming hobby check out my 5 ways to feel refreshed after a busy week.

Find a Sleep Pattern That Works For You

It’s a well known fact that everyone’s sleep needs are totally individual and whilst some people can get away with a measly five hours I know that I function much better after a full eight hours.

Recently I’ve been spending some time learning more about sleep and how implementing a productive morning routine can help you get more done and live your best life. If you’re looking to become a more positive person, embrace mornings and start achieving your goals then The Miracle Morning is without a doubt the book for you. I’m yet to implement the six key practices that the book focuses talks about into my daily routine as I’m just finishing of the final chapters but I’m sure I’ll be giving you an update on how I find it once I do.

Now come at me mornings, I think I’m ready!


Do you have any tips for getting a good nights sleep? How do you feel refreshed after a busy week?


Author: Jessica

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