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See you later January!

Well that’s January officially over for yet another year and it’s definitely been a bit of an odd one for me full of ups and downs. I was convinced this was going to be my most productive start to year EVER due to the fact that I had just taken the leap and gone freelance full time but even I found that I was struck down with a serious case of the January blues.

That said I have been spending the last week of the month getting stuck into some of those tasks that you constantly push to the bottom of your to-do lists. You know the ones, the sort of things that take quite a lot of time and effort but are hopefully going to make a real difference in the long run. Things like creating a media kit, updating my LinkedIn profile, doing my tax return and creating a client contract. Hopefully devoting some of my time to these tasks will stand me in good stead for February and the rest of the year.

I decided to write this post as I really like the idea of taking a moment at the end of each month to reflect on some of the happenings and evaluate any progress that’s been made. Along with that I also want to round-up some of the things I’ve been loving over the past four weeks and share them with you. I’m always looking for new book, podcast and TV show recommendations so hopefully you’ll enjoy me sharing some of my favourites with you.



Now I definitely haven’t got through as much of my reading list as I would have liked to but I’ve made a decent start and managed to tick off two (pretty light) reads. In true January style I delved head first into the self care/business style books in an attempt to go full girl boss mode and feel ready take on the year.

First up was Arden Rose’s Almost Adulting which is a super lighthearted read all about the funniest moments that come with growing up. Featuring cute illustrations and hilarious anecdotes, it’s a great one to pick up when you just need a good chuckle on your morning commute.

And next is one that all of you working gals NEED to read! The Little Black Book by Otegha Uwagba covers all things business-y and is perfect for those of you running blogs or small businesses. Jam packed with A+ knowledge on all things from organising your finances to creating contracts it’s been my absolute go-to for these first months of freelance life.



January hasn’t really been the month for discovering new podcasts, I’ve mostly been getting up to date with those I already listen to as I slightly neglected my subscriptions throughout December. There have been some real corker episodes over the past month so I thought I’d just do a little bit of a run-down of some of the ones that I’ve loved and you need to listen to pronto!

Keeping it Candid – What We Really Earn From Instagram & Blogging with Chloe Plumstead

Twins That Travel – The Realities of Self-Employment

The Travelust Podcast – City Break Planning, New York and the Magic of Disney with Sophie Cliff

Hashtag Authentic – Building a Multi-Hyphen Career with Emma Gannon

What She Said – The Power of Creative Coaching with Jen Carrington

I’m always on the lookout for new podcasts to listen to, especially now as I’m self employed and really appreciate listening to other human beings throughout the day so please let me know if you have any suggestions you think I might like!



Soooo do I really even need to tell you what I’ve been watching on Netflix this month? Like the rest of the world Friends has consumed me for the past couple of weeks. Despite seeing every episode at least 10 times I just couldn’t resist the urge to re-watch it again from the beginning. It’s my ultimate feel good, comfort show and I just love having it on in the background whilst I’m getting on with other things. I love finding out what people’s favourite episodes are too so please let know yours in the comments! Mine is probably The One with the Embryos where the girls loose the apartment to the boys, v funny.


Blog posts

Towards the end of last year I really fell off the bandwagon with keeping up to date with reading blog posts and I was officially the world’s worst commentor. So for the past month I’ve been trying much harder to engage with all of my favourite blogs, discover new ones and most importantly not be a silent reader. As a blogger I know how great it is to receive meaningful comments on content you’ve worked hard on so I’m trying my best to take the time and make the effort to give to the community. So here’s a little run down of some of my favourite posts from January!

Unexplained Unfulfillment – Clashing Time

If Not Now, When? – Immy May

How My Style Has Changed – In The Frow

Is My Life Turning into One Big #AD? – Fashion Slave

How I Tripled my Blog Traffic in January – Rush & Teal

Turning off Push Notifications – The REDO

How to Make Friends – Rebecca Rose

Is Being ‘Just a Blogger’ Enough Anymore? – Sophie Rosie


So there we go, just some of the things I’ve been loving this past month. I’m hoping to devote way more time reading throughout February as I’ll be needed some screen-free time and there’s a couple of books I definitely need to pick up including Dolly Alderton’s debut novel which I’m VERY excited about!


What have you been loving this January? Whether it’s books, podcasts, TV shows, I’d love to hear!

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