How to Host The Perfect Pancake Party

pancake partyIf you were to ask anyone who knows me what my favourite food is most would probably end up telling you pancakes and you only need to take a quick glance through my Instagram to see an overload of pictures featuring my no.1 brunch food. With this in mind, it’s safe to say that when it comes to Pancake Day I take things pretty seriously, so if you’re planning on hosting a pancake party this Shrove Tuesday like me then here are my tips on how to seriously impress your guests and have a flippin’ good time!

On this occassion I decided to be a little bit fancy and make two different types of pancake, the first being chocolate chip and banana and the second being a more classic pancake with Greek yoghurt and raspberries. If you’re hosting for a lot of guests I find putting out a selection of toppings to work best as everyone can just help themselves and have the freedom to make their very own creations.

If you’re catering for a lot of people then it’s a good idea to try and make the whole process as seamless as possible so when AO got in touch and asked if I’d like to give a Nutribullet* a try for Pancake Day I jumped at the chance as I thought it was the perfect opportunity to make everything that little bit simpler. Using a blender speeds up the mixing process massively especially when dealing with a lot of batter and plus it also saves your arm from an intense workout!

What you’ll need:

pancake partyFor 6 – 8 pancakes

– 130g flour

– 1 tsp baking powder

– 2  tbsp caster suger

– 2 medium eggs

– 130ml milk

– chocolate chips

– Nutella

– banana

– greek yoghurt

– raspberries

– honey

– icing sugar


Banana chocolate pancakes

How to make them:

banana and chocolate pancake party

  1. First of all sift the flour, baking powder and caster sugar into a large mixing bowl.
  2. Next crack the eggs into a jug, add the milk and whisk.
  3. Add both of mixtures into the Nutribullet and blend until smooth (you can simply mix in a bowl too if you don’t want to use a blender).
  4. Heat a stick proof pan and add a knob of butter or oil.
  5. Ladle your mixture into the pan to your preferred pancake size.
  6. If adding chocolate chips, throw a handful on top of the mixture.
  7. Once the pancake starts to bubble its time to flip it!
  8. Keep flipping the pancakes until golden brown, be careful not to burn them it can happen super quickly and ideally you want soft, fluffy pancakes.
  9. When catering for a large group you can keep the pancakes warm in the oven until you’ve made your way through all of the mixture so you can enjoy them together.
  10. Then comes the fun part, its time to add the toppings!

Chocolate and Banana Pancakes

For the chocolate and banana stack, I spread Nutella in-between each pancake, added a few banana slices to the top and finished with a sprinkling of chocolate chips and a simmering of cocoa powder.

Raspberry and Greek Yoghurt Pancakes

And for the raspberry stack I spread Greek yoghurt between every pancake, added a couple of raspberries and sprinkled with icing sugar to finish.



How are you going to be celebrating Pancake Day? Will you be hosting your own Pancake Party? What are your favourite toppings?

I was very kindly gifted the Nutribullet for use in this post but all pancake thoughts and enthusiasm is my own.

  • Saskia

    Ahhh! A pancake party – what an amazing idea. My favourite toppings are fresh raspberries and strawberries with cream, although I think its a pretty good idea to substitute for a healthier option of greek yoghurt!

  • Okay, those pancakes look so yummy!!! IN Belgium where I’m from we often make the thin pancakes, crêpes. But I am defnitely going to try to make them like this as well!

  • Lovely recipe this sounds delicious! I cant wait to try it! Xxx

    • Aww thanks so much Sophie! Hope you enjoy them 😊

  • Today Souhaila

    these look delicious,didn’t have the time to make pancakes yesterday but I’m having them this Saturday for sure