The First Ever Nottingham Secret Dinner Club

Going on a food and drink tour with Nottingham's Secret Dinner Club

Can you keep a secret..?

Good! Read on to find out about Nottingham’s first ever Secret Dinner Club!

Last month an email dropped into my inbox which stood out from the rest. It was an invite to a secret dinner club hosted by the guys over at It’s In Nottingham. The locations wouldn’t be announced until the night of the event so it’s safe to say the excitement and intrigue levels were both high to find out where we would be heading!

When it came to the evening of the event we met at the famous Nottingham landmark, the Left Lion before heading off to our first venue. We were all guessing the entire way there but I’m not sure any of us actually got it right!

Exploring Nottingham and trying some tasty cocktails at Boilermaker


The first stop on the tour was the super popular cocktail spot, Boilermaker. A secret bar tucked away behind a inconspicuous Boiler shop frontage in Hockley you may have walked past this one without even realising it’s there! Despite hearing a lot about it, it’s somewhere I hadn’t got around to visiting yet so was pretty happy that was our venue of choice to kick things off.

After getting comfy we were served a bespoke cocktail created especially for the Nottingham Secret Dinner Club called The Left Lion. Consisting of gin and tonic, doughnut syrup (from none other than Doughnotts), Outpost Coffee cold brew and tonka bean liquor it’s safe to say it was a very interesting flavour. Decorated with our own little origami lion it was definitely worthy of a ten out of ten for effort!

After supping up it was definitely time for some food so we moved on to the next stop on our tour.

The second stop on our tour of Nottingham was The Curious Tavern in Hockley

The Curious Tavern

Next up we headed a mere stone’s throw away to The Curious Tavern which is the latest Curious Venue to be added to the roster in Nottingham. With a seriously quirky interior and something unusual on every wall it’s a great place to head to for a few drinks that’s just a little bit different.

It wouldn’t have been the first place that came to mind when I thought about going out for food as I assumed it was more of a drinks kinda place but on the menu was a sweet potato pie with chips and curry sauce. I’m not a huge fan of pie, or pastry in general (and I say I’m from the North…) so it wasn’t a huge hit with me but it went down well with the rest of the gals on my table! My seriously jazzy cocktail kept me thoroughly entertained plus it was delicious which is always and added bonus!

After finishing our mains it was definitely time for something a little bit sweet so we wandered to our next location for a spot of dessert!

The final stop of the Nottingham Secret Dinner Club was Homemade for some delicious desserts


We definitely weren’t disappointing when we turned up at Homemade, a cute little cafe situated in Hockley which I’ve always admired whenever I’ve passed by thanks to the delicious looking cakes in the window. We were greeted by an amazing set up consisting of a plate of three different desserts, yes three! On the menu there was an Oreo cheesecake, lemon drizzle cake and an After Eight brownie.  Despite how full I was feeling I still gave it my very best shot to get through them all but admitted defeat before taking some home in a doggy bag for Adam to try!

It was such a lovely venue I can’t believe I haven’t stopped by before so I’ll definitely be popping in next time I’m in town to give their brunch offering a try!


A massive thanks to It’s in Nottingham for arranging the event and the three venues for hosting, I always love exploring my new home city and it was such a great opportunity to discover some new local favourites.


Do you have any favourite spots in Nottingham?

Author: Jessica

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