A Brighter Smile with Enlighten Teeth Whitening

Enlighten Teeth Whitening

Something that I’ve always felt quite self conscious of in the past is my smile but more specifically my teeth. To give you a very brief run down of my dental history because I don’t want to bore you to tears, I had braces when I was around fourteen and my treatment probably lasted for about a year. Apart from that I’ve not had any other work done at the dentist and have always had healthy teeth but something I’ve alwayssss dreamt of having was a brighter, whiter smile. I’ve tried pretty much every whitening treatment on the shelves from toothpaste to gels to whitening strips but nothing seemed to give me a noticeable improvement so when I was offered a complementary treatment at a local dentist, Treeline Dental Care I couldn’t quite believe my luck!


The Treatment

I received Enlighten Whitening which is a combination treatment consisting of a two week at home treatment followed by a one hour trip to the dentist. The treatment basically works by increasing the tooth’s permeability to oxygen which in turn breaks down any stain molecules.

On my first trip to the dental surgery I had my impressions taken which I remembered not too fondly from the time when I had braces but it wasn’t too bad. There was then a two week wait for my trays to be made up and I was sent home with a tube of serum toothpaste to use twice daily to help with any sensitivity I might face throughout my whitening.

On my return trip to the dentist I was shown how to use the at home treatment by loading my trays with gel and setting them correctly, I was then sent home with an Enlighten box of goodies that contained everything I could possibly need. That was one of the things that really stood out to me about the whole Enlighten experience, it seemed as though they really had thought about every single step and the whole process was meticulously planned out.

In the treatment kit you received two syringes of gel, one was a strength of 10% which was to be worn for the first seven days and one was 16% which was for the remaining seven days. The trays were to be worn at nighttime and the whole process couldn’t have been simpler, the syringes had seven marks on them so you knew exactly how much gel to put in each of the trays and you were even given some handy cotton buds to wipe away any excess that leaked out on to the gums.

The first week of treatment was a total breeze, I didn’t encounter any pain or discomfort but when it got to the second week which included the stronger gel I have to say I did suffer with some sensitivity. I’m not someone who’s ever had sensitive teeth in the past so I’m not sure how bad it really was on a scale of 1-10 but luckily for me the kit also included desensitising swabs which you applied to the teeth before using the gel. This really did help to control the sensitivity and meant I could continue the treatment without any interruptions.

After two weeks I revisited the dentist and he advised doing an additional week of the at home treatment to really try and get the most out of the whitening before the in house treatment. After an extra week of using the gel at home I headed back to complete my treatment at the dentist, this simply consisted of an additional gel treatment which was left on for forty minutes.


The results

Apologies for the extremely unattractive pictures but close up before and after shots help to give a real sense of the difference in shades both pre and post treatment.

As you can see, before the treatment my teeth were pretty discoloured and yellow in tone. I sat at around a C2 on the shade scale that Enlighten use to measure colour and the aim was to get up to a B1 which is a very natural white shade and one which is the aim for all patients.

It can be hard to register change when your teeth are something you look at every single day but examining these photos shows a clear improvement. My smile post-treatment is much brighter and the yellow tone has instead been replaced with a whiter one that matches a B1 on the Enlighten colour shade. You can see some white hot spots on my teeth that I was slightly concerned about at the time but they have since calmed down and my overall tone is now much more even.


All in all I’m completely chuffed with the results, I’ve definitely achieved my goal of obtaining a brighter, whiter smile which has in turn made me feel much more confident. The results can also last indefinitely with some simple maintenance including wearing the trays for one night every other month so I’ll definitely be picking up another syringe of the gel so I can keep my colour topped up! A massive thanks to both Enlighten and the wonderful team at Treeline Dental Care for providing me with my treatment and giving me such an amazing experience. I’d recommend it to anyone who’s always wished for a whiter smile and I’m sure I’ll be flashing my pearly whites much more often now!

Showcasing the results after receiving the Enlighten Tooth Whitening treatment

*I received complimentary treatment by Enlighten but all thoughts and smiles my own!

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