Dining in Style at Wagamama, Nottingham

Visiting the new look Wagamama restaurant in Nottingham

Wagamama has always been a firm favourite of mine, I find it’s just perfect for those times when you fancy a fairly speedy meal but want to stick to being reasonably healthy. I mean noodles are always going to be better than a burger and chips right? So when I was invited down to check out the recently revamped Nottingham branch I basically lept at the chance!

We arrived to a bustling atmosphere and were greeted with a glass of prosecco which is always welcomed, even on a school night! So let’s kick things off with the new look restaurant, despite not actually visiting the Nottingham branch pre-makeover you could definitely tell that it’d had a spruce up! With it’s exposed brick walls, sleek lighting and stylish new furniture the decor felt a lot more luxurious than the typical chain restaurant.

Trying delicious juices at Wagamama, Nottingham


After having a peruse of the menu we ordered some drinks to kick things off, I decided to start things off pretty healthy so I treated myself to a juice. I’m usually suffer from a bit of green juice phobia, I mean they just don’t scream delicious do they? But I got over myself, ordered a Positive juice and I can confirm it was seriously tasty. It literally felt like you were drinking all of the nutrients!

Trying out the side dishes at Wagamama, Nottingham


Next up were the side dishes and I have to say the only thing I’ve ever ordered in the past was the edamame beans so I was super excited to try out some new things! Our lovely server gave us some amazing recommendations and we ended up going for the Vegetable Gyozas and the Mushroom and Panko Aubergine Steamed Bun. I honestly haven’t stopped thinking about the steamed buns since and would pay someone a LOT of money to deliver one (to my bed) right now.

Taking a little peak around the kitchen in Wagamama, Nottingham

In between courses we were invited to head into the kitchen to see some of the dishes being made which was a pretty intense and fiery experience!

Visiting the revamped Nottingham branch of Wagamama and checking out the action in the kitchen

We watched the chefs piece together some delicious looking Ramen bowls and the production line that was in full force was seriously impressive!

Teriyaki Soba from Wagamama, Nottingham


Next it was on to mains and I promised myself I’d step away from my usual choice and try something a little bit different but I just couldn’t help myself. I went for the Teriyaki Soba with Salmon which is made up from soba noodles cooked in curry oil with mangetout, bok choi, red onion, chilli and beansprouts in a teriyaki sauce. Seriously delicious, I definitely recommend it if you’re a fan of noodle dishes!

Trying the desserts on offer at Wagamam,Nottingham including the Banana Katsu.


Finally, if all this food wasn’t enough it was on to the desserts! I don’t think I’ve ever even looked at the Wagamama dessert menu before but I’m extremely glad I have as I’ve discovered the Banana Katsu and I’m not sure I can picture my life without it…So it’s essentially a banana covered in panko breadcrumbs served with a scoop of salted caramel ice cream. The pictures definitely don’t do it justice as it had started to get dark by this point but I’m erging each and ever reader to please try it next time you find yourself in Wagamama. I promise you won’t regret it!


I was very kindly invited to receive a complimentary meal from Wagamama but all opinions are very much mine and my tummy’s.  

Author: Jessica

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