3 New Podcasts Perfect for Bloggers

Are you a big fan of podcasts too? Check out my suggestions for three brand new podcasts for bloggers and creative entrepreneurs!

I’ve made no secret of the fact that I’m a BIG podcast fan in the past, I think this is now the fifth post featuring some of my favourites so be sure to check those out too for tonnes more recommendations. Over the past week there seems to have been a bit of an influx of brand new podcasts that have sparked my interest so if you love a creative, inspirational podcast you might find these making their way into your favourites list too!


The Creative Leap

First up is The Creative Leap, hosted by Manchester based designer Cat Byrne the podcast focuses on taking your hobbies and turning them into your full time job. Cat is the perfect example for practising what she preaches as she now runs a design studio and works alongside some amazing brands and some well-known bloggers.

The first episode was always going to be a hit for me as the guest is one of my absolute favourites bloggers and another Manchester babe, Megan Ellaby. Although I read Megan’s blog and watch her YouTube channel I feel like it was really interesting to see her in an interview situation and I definitely still found out some bits about her blogging journey that I wasn’t previously aware of. Covering topics such as how she got started right through to taking the leap into full time blogging and everything in between such as finances and sponsored content this is such an inspiring listen and an absolute MUST for any aspiring bloggers. With such a strong start I can’t wait to see the other guests Cat’s got lined up for future episodes!


Twin Perspective

I only recently discovered Twins that Travel when they gained the title of Travel Bloggers of the Year at the Blogosphere awards so I’m probably a little late on the bandwagon but I’m SO glad they’ve come to my attention as I’m in love with their Instagram account. Featuring gorgeous landscape photography prepare for a serious case of wanderlust to set in after having a peruse of their feed. Their new podcast series, Twin Perspectives launched last week and it sees twin sisters Claire and Laura discussing their experiences thus far in blogging and travelling the world to some seriously amazing destinations.

The first episode focuses on the story of the four years that they’ve been running their blog and how they’ve now reached the point where they’re both full time bloggers. It was so interesting to hear about the journey in such detail and as a blogger it’s so relatable to find out about those early years and the similar struggles we all face in attracting readers and growing a following. The episode is full of useful tips such as how to get featured on larger social accounts and how to find your voice in the digital world by retaining originality. It’s another really inspiring listen and I’m looking forward to future episodes to hear more about about the amazing places they’ve visited through blogging.


How to Curate Your Life

I first found out about this podcast after seeing Anna Newton tweeting about it as she’s actually the first guest so it was a no-brainer to give it a listen! Hosted by Lizzie Evans, founder and owner of SMUG lifestyle store, How to Curate Your Life focuses on developing the elusive work life balance when you’re a creative entrepreneur. Discussing all of the important issues such as productivity, creativity, health, mindfulness, prioritising and much more I don’t think this could be any more up my street if it tried!

Lizzie has now released four episodes, my favourite so far being the interview with Anna as she’s always someone I think of as having their life seriously together so it was great to hear some tips from the organisational queen herself. I also found the latest episode, a Q&A super interesting as well as it touches on lots of the issues you can face when your a creative entrepreneur. For helpful advice and inspiring stories, this podcast should be your go-to!


So there we go, three new podcasts that I’m absolutely loving and can’t wait to hear more from. If you have any recommendations you think might be my kind of thang then please be sure to leave them below, you can never enough in my opinion!


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