I’ve Signed up for a Half Marathon!

Half Marathon trainingIf you’ve been keeping up to date with my latest posts then you’ll have seen that the past month has been a really difficult time for me, I lost my Grandma quite suddenly which you could read more about here. In the days that followed my brother, cousin and I were talking about doing something in our Grandma’s memory and to help raise money for The Stroke Association which is a charity very close to our hearts now. We deliberated signing up for a Half Marathon which is something I’ve wanted to do ever since taking part in my first 10K run last year. We ummed and ahhed about doing it for about a week as it was such a daunting challenge, after all it was only eight weeks away at this point…In the end we said screw it, jumped online and effectively signed the next two months of our lives away.

So here we are, five weeks away from race day. Training’s going okay but I really need to step it up after having five days away stuffing my face with tapas and sinking more glasses of sangria than I probably should have in Barcelona. I’m roughly following a training plan which I found on Pinterest and my furthest run to date is 10K. I’ve been trying to get out for a run at least three times a week, two shorter weekday recovery runs and one longer run at the weekend. I’ll be working my way up to eleven miles two weeks before the race and just hoping the adrenaline on the day will help me with those last two miles.

I’m definitely going to be doing a more detailed post about my training in September after I’ve (hopefully) completed the race including changes I’ve made to my diet and any other prep such as equipment I’ve picked up along the way to make sure I’m prepped and ready for the big day! Be sure to let me know if you have any questions about training for a half marathon if you’re thinking about taking part in one too and I’ll try my best to answer them. Also if you have any tips from running your own half marathon I’d love to hear them, I’m going to need all the help I can get!

If you happened to want to donate and help us to reach our fundraising target you can find my Just Giving page here – it would honestly mean the world to me and would be very much appreciated!

  • I’m halfway through training for my second half marathon – they get a bit addictive apparently! Good luck with yours, sounds like you’re well on track for it. Definitely the best advice is make sure to stretch and rest plenty – recovery is as important as the running when you’re training. And there’s always such a good atmosphere on race days that it really helps you make the distance, whatever you’re running. Have fun!
    Jennifer x
    Ginevrella | Lifestyle Blog

    • Amazing, well done you! Yeah I can imagine they can get quite addictive after getting through your first one.

      Thanks for the advice, I’ll definitely be taking the resting part on board 😊

      Good luck with your run too! x