Saying Goodbye

saying goodbye

The past two weeks have undoubtedly been the hardest of my life so far, I had to say goodbye to my beloved Grandma who has been such an integral part of my upbringing not to mention one of the kindest, most warm hearted and special people I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing.

This is the first time I’ve lost someone close to me so grief is a very new emotion that I’m struggling to understand or come to terms with. For the moment I’m dealing with it in the only way I know possible, by diving head first into keeping busy, sorting through old photographs and home videos, spending a lot of time with my closest family members and of course, writing about it. I’ve found immersing myself in these happy memories has helped me to deal with remembering my Grandma for the amazing woman she was and being thankful for the time I got to spend with her.

There areย so many things that made my Grandma special so I thought I’d share some of the memories I have that I want to cherish forever.

How she always gave the best hugs.

How a trip to her house was always a treat (even when I was there twice a day) and a sleepover was an added bonus!

How she never lost her patience whilst trying to teach me how to knit (I still haven’t mastered it).

How she always let us have a full Crunchie when Grandad only got half!

How she passed on her love for reading and introduced us to The Famous Five.

How she’d always make me my favourite tea for after school.

How she introduced us to Country and Western and we shared her love for Foster and Allen.

How she could always fix any sort of rip or hole in your school uniform and knew how to get out any type of stain.

How we’d play in the beautiful back garden and she’d tell us all about the different types of flowers and birds.

How she used to love taking photographs to document family time (she just wasn’t the biggest fan of being in front of the lens).

How I definitely got my love of the Royal family from her.

How we could always count on her and Grandad to get us up to speed on the latest Coronation Street plot lines.

How she’d love taking us out on day trips in the school holidays.

How she’d put one pound in my teddy money box every week and tell me to treat myself to something nice.

How she always had such a comforting smell.

How we’d spend hours playing clock patience and building Lego houses.

How she’d share stories about what life was like when she was a little girl.

How family was the most important thing to her and she always had time for everyone.

How she was a one of a kind Grandma who I’m going to miss every single day.


I love you Grandma, sleep tight.


Author: Jessica

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