On Turning 25

turning 25
So yesterday I turned the grand old age of 25. A quarter of a century people keep telling me, only five more years to 30…Yeah I get it, I’m getting old! Two years ago now, I made a 25 before 25 list and as I look back at it now I’ve not achieved even half of the things I put down on that list. But something I have learnt over the past couple of years is that life isn’t all about ticking boxes…

When I put together my 25 before 25 list I thought I had bags of time to get it all done when in reality the past two years have absolutely flown by and SO much has happened that I couldn’t possibly have predicted. Looking back I was at a completely different place when I created that list, living in a different place, with a different job, with different responsibilities. I feel as though I have naturally achieved some of the goals on my list as that is simply the direction my life has taken over the past couple of year so come join me as I reflect over my accomplishments (and non-accomplishments too)!

One of the goals I feel that I’ve made real progress with was getting into a more healthy routine. Two years ago I was pretty lazy, I’d just started giving running a go so I might have gone for one short run a week whereas now I go to the gym 3/4 times and I’m starting to really enjoy it. I’ve never stuck at exercise long enough to see any sort of results but now looking back I’m definitely starting to see some changes with my body and it’s really motivating! I go along to my Body Attack, Circuits and Core classes religiously and if I happen to miss one I really feel it and want to make up for it by fitting something else into my week. I’ve started to make time for fitness and it’s becoming a part of my daily routine which is a real positive step as I wasn’t sure I’d ever get there!

Moving out was one of the main goals on my list and I managed to achieve that (again) after packing up and making the move to Nottingham. Although I love our house and love living in Nottingham, renting has made achieving one of my other goals which was saving money very difficult. I’ve tried to get a real handle on my spending lately in an attempt to start saving for a house deposit but when so much of your monthly income goes towards rent and bills it makes it extremely difficult. It’s going to be a tough slog and it might take years but I’m sure we’ll get there in the end!

Another main goal was to progress in my career and I feel like SO much has happened in the past two years related to this. It’s been a very up and down ride to say the least and the fact that I’ve had three different jobs over this time kind of explains this. I really enjoyed my role at AO.com and was looking forward to progressing there at the time of writing my goals list but after many conversations between Adam and I it was clear we wanted to move on from being a long distance couple and live together full time. It was decided that I’d move to Nottingham as I love the city and we have quite a few mutual friends there which we thought would work well. In hindsight I took a job I wasn’t sure about just because it provided me with the opportunity to move. After the first couple of weeks I knew it wasn’t for me and felt like I’d made a huge mistake, everything I worked so hard to achieve at AO disappeared and I felt like I’d taken a big step backwards in my career. It was so disheartening when no new opportunities came up for six months and I was stuck in a role that wasn’t me and I dreaded going to work. Everyone kept telling me that something would come along but after a while I started to loose hope. That was before a role at Hillarys came along, I didn’t think much of it when I first applied as I was sending off applications left right and center but after going along to the interviews and finding out more about the company I was extremely excited about the role. It was practically the same position I’d held at AO so when I was offered the job I was over the moon! I feel so much happier now that I’m back on track and enjoying work again.

Another recent development is that I’ve started doing some freelance virtual assistance work on the side, as well as bringing in a little bit of extra pocket money it’s also giving me much more of an insight into the world of blogging as a career and it’s something I definitely want to pursue more going forward!

Travelling was another big goal and although I’m nowhere near to crossing off all the places I one day want to visit over the past year I’ve been to Florida and have a trip to one of my dream destinations, Mykonos coming up! Trying to save money whilst also enjoying yourself and travelling to new places is a real balancing act but I’m hoping we can plan some more adventures for the coming years. A west coast of America road trip is at the top of my list so fingers crossed!

So although I might not have completed my 25 before 25 list and I neglected some of my smaller goals such as starting scrapbooking, reading more, having an Internet free day once a month (really want to do this one!) there’s no time limit to achieving these things. Only one that I put in place myself, goals are a great way to measure success but I don’t think they need to rule your life. Although I haven’t achieved everything on my list I definitely haven’t failed, I’m going to carry on ticking things off over time and even adding to my list, after all I am only 25. Hopefully the best is yet to come!


Do you have any goals you’ve set for yourself? What do/did you want to achieve by 25?

Author: Jessica

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