Getting the Glow for Summer with Skinny Tan

Looking for a new fake tan to get the glow for summer? You might want to give the Skinny Tan Express Mousse a try, check out my thoughts after giving it a try!

So when it comes to being bronzed I guess you could say I’m a little obsessed…But as I fail to get a real tan from even a two week holiday abroad I really do have to fake it ’til I make it!

When it comes to fake tan I’ve tried a LOT. Some turn out patchy, some smell funny, lots aren’t dark enough. It always feels like a bit of a stab in the dark when you’re stood looking at an aisle full of products from different brands all offering different results and I’ve probably wasted a heck of a lot of money over the years on some dud products!

So when Skinny Tan got in touch recently and asked if I wanted to review their brand new Express Tanning Mousse I of course said yes being the fake tan junkie that I am! I hadn’t heard a whole lot about them before but turns out that they’re incredibly popular throughout Australia and are now starting to get more well known in the UK too. I actually spotted the products in Superdrug last week too which makes them really easy to get your hands on.

Applying the tan is super simple and although the mousse looks pretty scarily dark it blends into the skin really well, even on those problem areas like knees and ankles. The smell is also one of the major positives as it doesn’t have that usual horrible biscuity smell, instead its much more fresh and coconutty which I love. I’ve found that leaving the mousse on to develop for three hours leaves me with the level of colour I’m after and one of the things I’ve been most impressed with has been the length of time the tan lasts for. I’ve left it up to a week between applications and it doesn’t tend to fade and leave patches which a lot of other tans seem to do! Instead your’re left with a streak free natural tan that has real staying power.

As well as the Express Tanning Mousse I was also sent their tanning mitt which is hands down the best one I’ve ever tried! Made from luxury velvet the mitt literally glides across your body and effortlessly buffs the mousse into your skin. Even after three applications the mitt is holding up really well whereas others I’ve tried have usually been falling apart by this point, plus you can just pop it in the washing machine and it’s as good as new again!

Overall I’m really impressed with Skinny Tan and I’m really looking forward to giving their other products a try to get me glowing for summer!


Do you have a fake tan that you swear by?

Author: Jessica

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