Knowing When it’s Time to Treat Yourself

treat yourself

Whether that’s to a cup of tea and a slice of cake, that new pair of shoes you’ve spotted in Topshop or to a whole evening solely dedicated to Netflix with zero guilt sometimes we just need to know when it’s time to be a little kinder to ourselves and give in to that treat.

This past couple of weeks I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed and run down, I think it’s been a bit of amalgamation between job searching stress, taking on some freelance work and trying to keep on top of my blog and YouTube schedule. Life can sometimes just get a little busy and you need to know when to put on the brakes. After a particularly tough day when I struggled to actually make it through the day without collapsing in a heap I knew it was time to treat myself to a night off. I very rarely get home from work and do nothing, there’s always a post to write, photos to take or tweets to schedule but in this particular evening I gave myself a guilt free pass.

As soon as I got through the door I popped on a fresh pair of pyjamas, made myself a cup of tea and hopped into bed. I spent my evening catching up on my YouTube subscription box, doing a thorough evening skincare routine before switching off early, reading a couple of chapters of my current book and settling down to an early night. It was utter bliss and I woke up the next morning feeling relaxed and rejuvenated so taking that time for myself was SO worth it.

I’ve noticed that I’ve become pretty strict with myself in other areas of my life too, I deliberate over spending money on clothes WAY more than I used to and usually ending up feeling so guilty that I return most things that I impulse buy as I feel I should be putting that money into my savings account. I think I need to remember that everyone needs to treat themselves from time to time and a treat is exactly that, a one off gift to yourself!

And speaking of treats I was very lucky to be treated to this absolute beauty of a bracelet* which was gifted to me by the lovely team over at Lola Rose. I’m not usually one for wearing a lot of jewellery, I might occasionally throw on my Kate Spake initial necklace but apart from that I tend to keep things to a minimum. The reason I loved this bracelet was not only down to its amazing colour but also its super casual feel, it’s almost like a fancier version of a friendship bracelet. It will be the perfect addition to my summer wardrobe and I’m really look forward to sporting it whilst on holiday. If you feel like surprising a loved one with a special treat, I think a Lola Rose bracelet is such a great choice as there’s an amazing variety of colours and styles so there’s bound to be one to suit every taste!


What are your thoughts on treating yourself? Is it something you do often? Or do you need to remember to do more?

Author: Jessica

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