3 New Podcasts All Bloggers Should Listen to

Looking for some podcast recommendations to inspire your day to day? Check out 3 of my new favourite podcasts for bloggers.

So if you haven’t guessed by now, I’m completely and utterly obsessed with podcasts. Spotify has officially taken a backseat and the iTunes podcast app is pretty much my numero uno on a day to day basis, I end up chaining episodes back to back so it’s safe to say I need a pretty hefty collection to keep me going! Luckily there’s been a couple of new podcasts that have cropped up over the past couple of weeks that I’ve been really enjoying and thought would be useful for other bloggers or creatives as well so here are a few recommendations to treat your ears to!


Let’s Discuss Podcast

Hosted by Monica Beatrice (who’s blog, The Elgin Avenue I absolutely love) and Ella Gregory, this brand spankin’ new podcast focuses on all aspects of everyday life, love, work and well-being all whilst being packaged up like a laid-back chat between friends.

Although based around everyday life happenings the podcast is particularly interesting for bloggers and creatives as it touches on topics such as social media and comparison, productivity and procrastination which are all key players in any bloggers life! The chats are really relatable and have some useful hints and tips thrown in there too for good measure. Overall it just feels like half an hour spent having a natter with friends which I love and I’m really looking forward to the future episodes!

Favourite episode – Productivity and Procrastination


Hashtag Authentic

I first discovered Sara Tasker when she appeared on a podcast I regularly listen to and I heard some of her Instagram wisdom so when I heard that she was releasing her very own series I signed up to the mailing list straight away so I’d be the first to hear when it was live. The podcast centres around sharing strategies, tips and experiences to help you grow your online presence in a honest and genuine way. Listening to Sara chat about Instagram really removes the idea of ‘false-ness’ that many of us associate with the platform these days, it brings it back to basics and I find it reminds me why we all fell in love with the photo sharing app in the first place. If you’re looking to up your Instagram game then this a must listen to!

Favourite episode – Why Great Photos are Still the Key to Making it Big on Instagram


Make it Happen

I’ve mentioned Jen Carrington’s podcast in a previous post but last week Make it Happen season four was launched. Made up of eight episodes which are all instantly available the series focuses on inspiring creative living. Jen is a creative coach and has tonnes of experience in the industry due to her wide range of clients so it’s amazing to hear so much useful advice which can then be implemented into your own creative projects. I’ve been slowly making my way through the episodes as I really want to savour and digest them but I definitely recommend giving the series a try if you’re in need of some inspiration.

Favourite episode – The Books that Have Shaped my Creative Work and Life


Do you have any podcast recommendations to share? I always love having new suggestions to add to my ever growing list!


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