Welcome Back!

Jess Who is officially open for business again with a shiny new design, jazzy new logo, some fresh new content and a bit of a new direction!


So what’s really changed?

Well, of the course there’s the obvious look and feel which has been updated to a more simplistic and (hopefully) easy to navigate design thanks to the grid layout, hopefully this will make it much easier to browse through the latest content. Now I’m not going to lie, I get bored easily, I mean I’ve switched my blog theme twice in the past year already but this time I put some real time and effort into planning and tweaking this design to just how I’d like it as opposed to simply installing a theme and just rolling with it as I’ve done in the past. On top of this I’ve also had a new logo designed (thank you Adam!) which I love and think really finishes off the design well.


What about the content?

In terms of the content not much is going to change going forward but I really want to put a focus on refining what I put out on Jess Who, with posts being really useful and/or helpful to readers. I don’t want to get caught up in the trap of posting for the sake of it which I felt was starting to happen pre re-design. I’m going to be taking a break from the weekly highlights posts which was a tough decision to make as I know some of you really enjoy reading them but they were starting to feel extremely repetitive and to be honest a bit of a struggle to put together. Instead I might put up a monthly highlights post meaning I’ll have a lot more to update you on! I’m hoping that taking a break from posts that I haven’t been enjoying writing as much will give me more time to work on content I feel more passionate about so watch this space!

Speaking of the content, I’m really looking to up the quality on all of my posts moving forward. With so many amazing blogs around nowadays it really does set the bar pretty high, I want to invest more time into planning my content ahead of time so that it gives me the chance to put the time into the photography and writing aspects behind each and every post to make sure they’re the best they possibly can be!

And finally, fashion! Jess Who originally started life as a fashion blog and it’s an area that I’ve always been extremely passionate about but have kind of lost my way with throughout the years. Now I’m not the most fashionable person on the internet by any stretch of the imagination but I’d love to start sharing my personal style on the blog again, so I suppose I better start getting my poses ready again!


How often will you be posting?

So there isn’t really a definite answer to this one as I don’t want to commit to such a strict schedule but I’m hoping to post twice a week. By scaling back from my new years resolution of posting three times a week it will give me more time to put into the content to ensure it’s of a higher quality. Also, I’m not sure if you knew but I’ve started uploading regularly on my YouTube channel so I’m hoping to post one video a week over there too. I’d absolutely love your support across there so maybe hop on over and check it out?

This redesign has given me a bit of a kick up the bottom and I’m pretty excited for the chapter ahead, I really hope you’ll join me too!


I’d love to hear any feedback you might have on the new design or any content you’d like to see in the future so feel free to pop me a comment!

Author: jessicaberry