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Looking to get stuck into fitness but not quite sure where to start? An encouraging and positive online community like Results with Lucy might just be the perfect solution for you!

So as soon as the New Year has passed and January has finally been and gone what do you find your thoughts turning to? Summer! And with that comes holidays, bikini’s and everything in between. Every year I say that I want to feel confident about getting my bod out and every year I leave it until the last minute, panic the week before I go away and end up doing a few sit-ups pre-flight for good measure! This year I vowed things were going to be different, I joined the gym in September and I’ve managed to keep up a pretty consistent routine attending a variety of classes ever since but I’d never turn down the opportunity to gain some advice from an expert so when UNiDAYS got in touch and asked if I’d like to join them for a fitness event with the Results with Lucy team I jumped at the chance, and then threw in a plank and a burpee for good measure too!

On arriving at the super swanky UNiDAYS HQ and heading up to the loft area (which would seriously give the New Girl apartment a run for its money) we were introduced to Lucy, her personal trainer Cecilia and nutritionist Louise. After getting acquainted with the other lovely bloggers who were there too we jumped straight into a talk all about nutrition. This was an area of the day that I was really looking forward to as I’d love to learn more about the food needed to fuel my body. I like to think I’m pretty healthy most of the time, I love my fruit and my salads but it was really reassuring to hear how you should never simply dismiss a food group such as carbs. Louise spoke all about the importance of a balanced diet ensuring to incorporate all of the food groups and never depriving yourself. Lucy talked a lot about balance and her experience of trying to manage eating well in social situations. We’ve all been there when you’ve been invited out for dinner and don’t want to be that friend who says no simply because you’re trying to be good. It was so amazing to see someone who’s such an inspirational figure within the fitness community (a simple instagram search of the hastag #RWL will show you this) be so down to earth, both in general and also with the concept of diet and nutrition. Nutrition is an important element in the Results with Lucy programme as each plan comes equipped with a whole host of deliciously healthy recipes to try out, all developed and fully approved by Louise of course.

Unidays HQ

Next it was on to the workout! It’s safe to say that I was feeling a little apprehensive as I wasn’t quite sure how tough it was going to be but Cecelia was the ultimate motivator, like seriously, I want her there every single time I workout. We did a short twenty (ish) minute workout which targeted the whole body and consisted of everything from squats to planks to push ups. The energy from both Cecelia and Lucy was infectious and really spurred me on which I’m sure would be the case if you were taking part in the workouts from home too. Although only a relatively short workout I definitely felt like I’d worked hard and I had some serious jelly legs on the walk home, the length of the workouts mean they’re perfect for fitting in around a busy schedule maybe even during a lunch break to boost your energy levels for a hectic afternoon. Results with Lucy offer a variety of levels of workouts so if you’re a beginner or a fitness enthusiast there’s something for everyone!

Finally we rounded off the morning by refuelling with some delicious sandwiches, plantain chips and fruit whilst we threw any last minute questions at Lucy, Cecilia and Louise. During this time they talked so fondly about some of the members of the Results with Lucy community and their amazing accomplishments, it was clear to see the pride they felt and just how much hard work and dedication they put into each and every part of developing the various programmes on offer. I left buzzing with all of my new found nutrition and exercise advice and felt ready to re-evaluate and re-focus on the fitness journey ahead of me.

Results with Lucy Lunch time

A massive thank you to both UNiDAYS and Results with Lucy for hosting such an amazing event and inviting me along to sample just a taster of what you can expect from the programme and believe me, it’s addictive. I’m already looking forward to making my way through the rest of the workouts on offer!


So what are you waiting for? If you’re a student sign up to the free UNiDAYS platform today to grab 25% off the Results with Lucy programme and get feeling body confident!

Author: jessicaberry