Looking After Your Smile

A smile is one of the most attractive things you can wear so you need to make sure you look after it! Check out my thoughts after using the Sensodynne Pronamel range.

As I get older there’s certain things that are becoming more of a priority to me and one of the things that I now invest much more thought and time into is taking care of my smile. After all, it’s the only I’m going to get!

The Christmas present I was most excited to receive this year was a brand new electric toothbrush, and yes I lived up to the blogger cliche and yes I got the Phillips Sonicare Rose Gold Edition Toothbrush after spotting it in the Black Friday sale with some crazy crazy discount. Has it lived up to the hype? Well I absolutely love it, not only does it look super pretty sitting in my bathroom but it also feels like it’s doing an amazing job at cleaning my teeth too due to the five different settings. Do you really need five different settings I hear you ask? (and so did my boyfriend) Well no, probably not, but it’s definitely useful! When I first started using the brush I found that I really appreciated the sensitive setting and everyone always dreams of a whiter smile so I love the option of using the white setting too.

So along with the main bit of kit, your dental hygiene is also pretty reliant on the products you use and recently I’ve been giving the Sensodynne Pronamel* range a try. Fluoride is something that helps to protect teeth from decay as well as strengthen and re-harden tooth enamel so all in all it plays a pretty important role! The special thing about Sensodynne Pronamel products is that they have an optimised fluoride formula which actively strengthens and hardens any acid softened tooth enamel giving you a healthier and happier mouth.

Combining the Sensodynne Pronamel toothpaste, mouthwash and snazzy new electric toothbrush has left my teeth feeling stronger than ever and I’m happy to have found a range of products that work for me.

Author: Jessica

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