5 Highlights From the Week

Happy Monday all! Hope your week is off to a great start despite it being dubbed the most depressing Monday of the year. The gloomy weather and the traffic this mornings definitely didn’t help with this but I’m trying my best to stay positive!

Last week was a bit of a busy one, keeping up with my new blogging schedule of posting three times a week aswell as going to two gym classes didn’t leave me with a great deal of free time. It’s definitely going to be tough to keep up with but I’m hoping I can settle into some sort of rhythm and develop a real schedule.

On to the five things that have brightened up the past week…


Monday night game night

We had a few friends around on Monday evening after work and had a little games night with nibbles which was a lovely way to kick off the week and something I definitely want to do more of this year!


Getting into a Gym routine

As previously mentioned, last week I went along to two body attack classes which are definitely turning out to be one of my favourites. I’m booked in again for three classes this week so I’m hoping this new routine is going to stick!


No phone Friday

After a very work based week and spending most evenings either at the gym or creating content for the blog I decided that Friday would be named ‘no-phone Friday’. Me and Adam both left our phones out of the way in our bedroom and spent the evening making tacos and catching up on The Missing which we’ve only just managed to get through! It was so lovely to switch off after a busy week and spend some quality time with my favourite.


Crisp blue skies

Saturday was such a gorgeous day with amazing blue skies, I was desperate to get out in it so took a little wander into town to tick some errands off my list and appreciate the crisp air!


Lunch from the deli

On my little wander I decided to pick up some lunch for me and Adam from a little deli which is one of our favourite places to pick up a sandwich. I went for a feta, olive and hummus ciabatta which was delicious!


What have some of your highlights from the past week been?

Author: Jessica

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